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Ams – My way home

Post by: trangtrang | 02/03/2015 | 4013 reads

MS 003




Tôn Nữ Thanh Bình

Computer Science 12 – 15


1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2,…..

-          Jump out, jump out! Jump to the right dude!!

We jump the rope in our PE lesson. Voices and laughters combine perfectly with the rope’s rhythmic sound when it touches the ground. From every single eyesight and smile of my friends, I can feel their carefreeness and naughtiness – it’s when I feel the most love towards my class and my school.


However, it will not be long until we are parted. I am having to leave this school, my teachers and my friends. Not anymore will I be able to feel such lovely moments…..


When I was in grade 9th, my widest dream was to become an Amser. I loved Ams simply for this is a famous and prostigious school of the city with generations of gifted teachers and students. Only when I am in grade 12th can I realize why I love this place that much.


I love my teachers, who are always passionate and teach us with their own hearts.


My teachers are friends who are always ready to listen and understand. They do not hesitate to cross the gap to join with us and enjoy our fun.

I love my class, 35 people with 35 different personalities. However, we have one thing in common; together we play, study in Hanoi – Amsterdam High School and share ups and downs of our studying life. We are truly a family.


I love Ams’ computer lab, the place full of our teachers’ voices, the sounds of keying in the computer board and sometimes the chatting voices of naughty students interested in computer games failing to concentrate on the teacher’s lesson.

I love the glamourous and mysterious beauty of Ams every late afternoon.

I love Ams’ parking lot. When the school yard is full of sunlight, lines of bicycles have their shadows stand in straight lines, creating a strange beauty

I love my school’s lines of trees, too. They are young, but they are growing each day in the sunlight of dawn. We, too, are growing everyday in our beloved Hanoi – Amsterdam High School.

When cicadas raise the first notes of the summer song, flame trees begin to flourish, silently, scarcely yet flamboyantly.

Who says our school don’t have flame trees?


All those ordinaries have made up beloved Hanoi – Amsterdam’s beauty.


Ams is a prestigious school of Hanoi, the dream school of the city’s generations of gifted students. That’s right, but for me, more importantly, Ams is only like every other high school where students spend 3 years of their life and have lots of memories with teachers and friends. Those memories, good or bad, can be happiness or sorrow, but they are all precious. I love Ams since it is my second home, where I belong to.


So, friends, let’s appreciate every single moment of student life in our beloved Hanoi – Amsterdam; with me, let’s love Ams like our beginning point.


Time flies, memories fade

Remaining in our hearts are voices of teachers and friends

Please close your eyes to keep these moments

Of student life, of Ams, where I belong to.

Writer: Tôn Nữ Thanh Bình (Computer Science 12 – 15)

Translator: Trần Mai Anh (English 1 13 – 16)

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