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Post by: trangtrang | 30/09/2022 | 66 reads

September - the first month of autumn fills each student with the joy and excitement of the first day of school, every Vietnamese citizen with pride at the birth of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, opening a new era in the nation's history. In the jubilant atmosphere of a promising new school year, the Standing Committee of the Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted organized activities for the Youth Unions in September with the theme of “The Declaration of Independence” to express gratitude towards the Party and President Ho Chi Minh for liberating the nation from slavery, wrap up the year as well as rewarding individuals who have made positive contributions to numerous volunteering campaigns this summer.

The year 2022 marks the 77th anniversary of the successful August Revolution and the National Independence Day of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. In response to this important holiday, all classes’ Youth Unions not only understood its meaningful and historical impacts on the nation ​​but also immersed themselves in the lively and eager atmosphere of the Uprising of 19/08/1945 and the emotional and solemn moment when President Ho Chi Minh read the Declaration of Independence at the historic Ba Dinh Square on September 2, 1945 through a precious documentary footage. With passionate patriotism and a will to break free from the chains of slavery, “It is better to sacrifice everything than to lose the country and be enslaved", the Revolution was not only significant to those who have lived through the moment we toppled colonialism and the oppressive, exploitative, and barbaric authoritarian regimes, but also to those whom the event had opened up a horizon with high dreams and hopes for other countries all over the globe. The 1945 August Revolution and the birth of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam marked the beginning of a new era, an era of building and developing a rich, powerful and prosperous socialist country.

10 French 1’s Union watching documentary films

10 Math 2 organizing online activities

Additionally, the Youth Unions also learned about the life, background and career of President Ho Chi Minh in his fight for the independence and freedom of the country. When our country was colonized by foreign invaders, the people lived miserable and enslaved lives, but a skinny, yet tough young man was determined to leave Nha Rong harbor to embark on a journey of national and ethnic salvation. Throughout his life and revolutionary career, he had only one wish and desire: “a wish so great, which is to make our country completely independent, our people completely free, to give all of our people food, clothes, and a chance to be educated.” Ho Chi Minh not only left our country a life of great revolutionary cause but also left our Party and our people a noble legacy, a shining example of moral qualities, with which his entire life became dedicated to the country and the happiness of the people.

10 French 2’s Union learning about the life and cause of President Ho Chi Minh

10 Literature’s Union proactively answering questions about Uncle Ho's life 

Particularly for grades 11 and 12, the students who volunteered for The Red Phoenix Flower Volunteer team supporting the 2022 summer exam will receive a certificate of recognition from the Standing Committee of the Youth Union. This is an activity highly anticipated by Youth Union members of Hanoi Amsterdam High School every summer. In 2022, be it the high school entrance exam or the National High School Exam, be it sunny or rainy, Amsers will still look out for those in need to the best of their abilities.

12 Geography’s Union actively volunteered for summer activities of 2022

10 Chemistry 1’s Union proactively organizes activities

At the end was the awarding of city-level “Three-Goods Student” for the school year 2021 - 2022 on 3 criteria: “Good ethics”, “Good study” and “Good fitness”.

And so, the September Youth Union Meetings in the school year 2022 - 2023 with the theme “The declaration of independence” of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School has ended. Hopefully, after these meaningful activities, the students will have gained more insights into the nation's history and become grateful for the great achievements of their ancestors, who bravely fought and sacrificed their lives to protect the country's independence. On behalf of Ams Wide Web’s Editorial Board, I wish our school a successful new school year!

Translator: Trần Lê Tuệ Anh - English 1 2225

Image: Provided by the Youth Union