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Post by: trangtrang | 22/07/2017 | 603 reads

Since the first year of participation in the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) to date, Vietnam has achieved the highest results in 2017, ranking third in the world with 4 gold medals, 1 silver medal and 1 bronze medal. In particular, Pham Nam Khanh, 11th grade math student of Hanoi Amsterdam High School for the Gifted, was honored Silver Medal.


International math team photographed with the teachers after receiving the prize

"Golden Boy" Pham Nam Khanh has always been known as an excellent student, especially at mathematics. Having inherited the love and guidance from his father in mathematics, Nam Khanh soon became immersed in his subject and has pursued mathematics as a passion since his childhood and has won many high prizes in both national and international math competitions. Especially, Nam Khanh is the youngest student to win the National Mathematics Competition in 2016 when he was in grade 10 with the highest score.

Nam Khanh once wrote an article as an entry to the competition "Write about your beloved Hanoi - Amsterdam" called "The new horizon" when he entered 6th grade : "I admire senior Loc you because his father was a former student at Hanoi = Amsterdam and won the International Mathematics Medal, and I dream that I can one day get a prize in a math competition. I do not know if I can accomplish this dream, but I will try my best". Perhaps, Nam Khanh has now achieved his dream with an admirable record that many people always longed for.

Nam Khanh and the representative candidates of Vietnam in Brazil

The International Mathematical Olympiad is a dream that Nam Khanh has always nurtured and endeavored to achieve, and it took him a long time of studying and practicing in order to get such admirable results today. Although he lost the opportunity last year, he did not give up and tried even harder to be selected to the international team when he was just in grade 11. "Being the youngest member of the Mathematical Olympics team IMO 2017, Pham Nam Khanh has made me and other teachers at Ams deeply proud of the achievement that he has achieved with his talent, determination and passion. The Silver Medal IMO 2017 he got was a huge source of pride and admiration of students at Hanoi-Ams and of the teachers who have been standing by him and watching his path. See you soon when you arrive at Hanoi and I hope next year, with the maturity of a 12th grade student, Khanh will shine even more! "- Ms. Tai Hua, head of Vietnam's math team shared.


Nam Khanh is not only the admiration but also the motivation of many other students. Van Duc Manh, a classmate of Nam Khanh, said of him: "Learning with Nam Khanh from grade , I was really impressed with Khanh's mathematical passion. He did math whenever he could: when he ate out with his friends, whenever he had free time, and I bet he even did math when he was hanging out with his girlfriend. That said, Nam Khanh is very active and sociable with his friends. Besides his rigorous learning schedule, he still had time to write his own novel, take part in the Ams Ambassador Competition and was almost always ready to play soccer with his friends. I and other classmates always model ourselves on Nam Khanh. Congratulations to our "Golden Boy" for your excellent result in the IMO 2017 exam! "

Nam Khanh and the foreign candidates


The result that Pham Nam Khanh has achieved will always be the pride of not only himself, but also of his family, school, teachers and friends. Once again, congratulations Khanh on achieving your dream and thank you for bringing glory to Hanoi-Amsterdam High School and to our country Vietnam. We sincerely wish Nam Khanh will continue to pursue and achieve bigger dreams and will always keep his enduring love for mathematics.



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