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Nguyen Vinh Khanh: Comments before the HOMC competition

Post by: trangtrang | 02/04/2018 | 810 reads

Later on, our school's HOMC team will begin their journey with hundreds of other contestants. Today, Ams Wide Web is having an interview with Nguyen Vinh Khanh (10 Math 1), current member of the Hanoi Open Math team, who will share with us about the preparation process of the team.

Reporter: Hello Khanh! Thanks a lot for taking time to participate in our interview today. To start with, can you briefly introduce yourself to the website readers?

Vinh Khanh (VK): First of all, I sincerely thank Ams Wide Web for this opportunity. First let me introduce myself, I'm Nguyen Vinh Khanh, student in class 10 Mathematics 1 of the 17-20 term in Hanoi - Amsterdain High School for the Gifted,  and also a member of the Hanoi Open Mathematics team HOMC.

Reporter: Can you share your feelings when you become one of the members of the team?

VK: When I knew I got in the team, I felt very happy. I am proud of being a student of  Hanoi - Amsterdam, honored to take an exam of international stature. This is a very useful and interesting playground, an opportunity to improve my knowledge. Engaging with other friends of the same level as me helped me to better myself. Along with being taught by the team teachers, I feel much more confident when entering the competition.

Reporter: What are your comments on the team?

VK:In my opinion, to have a place in the team, the students must be all very good . When I first started, I was really overwhelmed by the abilities of everyone. Each has their own strengths. This has really motivated me to always try to keep up with friends. Our ancestors once said, "Better learn your friends than your teacher" and that is exactly what I realized duringmy time in the team. The students really helped each other in learning, solving problems or finding good material. All of us try to honor ourselves, our family and school Hanoi - Amsterdam.


Khanh and the Giang Vo Secondary School  mathematics team (second from the right)


Reporter: During the study, not to mention the great contribution of the teachers. After a period of studying, how do you feel about teachers?

VK: In addition to being able to compete  with other students  on such a high level, i was also lucky enough to meet teachers who are very passionate and supportive. Despite the complexity of the problems, the teachers showed us the root of the problem. Although there are difficulties along the way to distract me from my cause, i still remember the effort, time and enthusiasm that the teachers put into the process of teaching us, I told myself to try to work even harder  so that the teachers’ efforts won’t go to waste.


Vinh Khanh in the bachelor suit

Reporter: Hanoi Open Math Competition is a very fierce competition. During the preparation, you must have encountered many difficulties right? Can you share some with our readers?

VK: For advanced problems, I often have trouble finding solutions. This is a disadvantage when competing  at major competitions. Under pressure, if you can not think of a solution quickly, you will not be able to fully showcase  your abilities. Despite having done  many exercises, this problem persists. However, since i met them, the teachers have helped me in many different types of problems. I was taught how to organize ideas systematically. From there, i can solve the problem in order and come up with the right answer. Thanks to this method, now i can solve math problems more easily.


Class 10 Math 1 (Nam Khanh in the front row)

Reporter: Before entering the intense competition ahead, Khanh, do you have anything to say to your teammates?

VK: On the threshold of  the competition, I hope that everyone will try their best. Whatever the outcome of the competition may be, remember to be proud of yourself for being the best you can be. As for myself, I hope that my efforts will be rewarded.

Reporter: Lastly, on behalf of the editorial board of AWW, i would like to send my  best wishes to the team. Wishing the team the best in the upcoming competiton.!


Reporter: Ha Mi - Chinese 1619

Translator: Pham Van Khanh – 10 english 2