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Momento Prom 2015: A Prom night connecting generations of Amsers

Post by: trangtrang | 15/09/2015 | 2375 reads

Hoping to bring an atmosphere full of love for Amsers, contiuing previous successes Momento prom 2013 and 2014, Ams Connect holds night prom Momento III – Primo Amore. The prom attracted over 200 students and was truly a reunion night for Amsers to meet, chat and enjoy outstanding performances.

Prom has been a place where Amsers have the chance to stay close together so that though we cannot define it, we all can somehow feel love. Moreover, Primo Amore Prom also helps generations of Amsers become more united, more connected to one another as they share experience and memories together – just as suggested by the organizers’ name: Ams Connect.


On prom night, student would put on his/her best outfit; girls become stunningly beautiful in lovely dresses while guys, all in shirt and vest, appear unexpectedly manly. The party part was vibrant with performances ranging from belly dance to duet, from slow, romantic dance to crowd or modern dance. Prom-goers were constantly amused by the jaunty dating auction, meeting with Misters and Misses through Amsers generations in the unique dancing music that inadvertently resembles mischievous lessons from school years.


The highlights of this special nights are performances from the school art clubs including Hanoi-Amsterdam Art Team (HAT), Hanoi-Amsterdam Dancesport Clue (HDC), The Wall Nutszz band who heat up the atmosphere and brought a splendid show to the audience.

Captivating solo performance

Next was a dance performance from Hanoi-Amsterdam Dancesport Club (HDC)

The glamorous Belly Dance performance has become part of Momento Prom tradition


Closing an impressive festive night, Momento Prom 2015 hopes to bring about a relaxing, enjoyable time during Hanoi rainy night. Through this and so many experience from now, generations of Amsers become closer and understand each other more, creating a united Ams community!


Reporter: Phương Linh Chem1 13-16

Translator: Minh Phuong Eng1 13-16

Photos: Courtesy of Ams Connect