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Post by: trangtrang | 25/09/2020 | 170 reads

In the morning of September 23rd, 2020, at the 200 Hall, male 8th-graders at Hanoi - Amsterdam High school for the Gifted had the chance to participate in a sex education and reproductive health class for juveniles. Having taken part in this session, Amsers are equipped with fundamental knowledge and necessary skills to not only protect but also maintain reproductive health.

Understanding the importance of sex education for the juveniles, the school-board had cooperated with the national program about juvenile reproductive health to hold a learning session for students regarding the topic. Participating in the class as a teacher was doctor Ho Mai Hoa - National Lecturer in juvenile reproductive health program.

Starting the lesson, with her humour and friendliness, doctor Hoa had introduced the students to puberty’s basic knowledge. They were able to attain new information such as puberty’s definition and signs, the structure of internal organs of the human reproductive system, and the impregnation process… Additionally, the students got to find out more about daily hygiene, methods of looking after and protecting genital organs as well as reproductive health.

Doctor Ho Mai Hoa with her interesting lesson

Besides, by holding demonstrative games and providing particular situations that people usually encounter in their daily lives, doctor Hoa step by step put forward information about strange signs, pathological signs and common male reproductive pathology.
Students enthusiastically asked questions and joined the game

Having worked at Hanoi Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital and having years of experience working with cases of physiological pathology, gynecological surgery, laparoscopy and knowledge with regards to reproduction, doctor Mai Hoa also talked with male Amsers about a private matter during puberty, which is “masturbation”. Through useful and interesting information, the students had gained a new perspective and had a better understanding about this behaviour: average amount, negative consequences of overmasturbating, how to control these desires and healthy solutions such as playing sports, appropriate diet and healthy routine to avoid unwanted consequences later on.

Students listened carefully in the sex education class

Ending the lecture, the doctor mentioned one significant problem, which is “Sexual assault”. The students had a general outlook about the signs and subjects of sexual assault behaviours, and were advised about how to avoid and deal with sexual assault. Anyone can become a victim of sexual assault, despite gender, age or social status. As a result, we need to be wary of suspicious behaviours and should not be afraid to speak up and denounce immoral actions to protect yourselves and others.

As the activity ended, each Amser was equipped with valuable and practical knowledge and skills to protect their and others’ reproductive health. Sex education activities not only help broaden the students’ knowledge about reproduction, but also provide a chance for them to express their concerns, listen to experiences to protect the future generation’s health and future.


Reporter: Nguyen Khanh Linh - French 1 1821

Photographer: Nguyen Thanh Tra - Russian-English 1922

Translator: Thai Minh Anh - Chinese-English 1821