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Post by: trangtrang | 02/01/2020 | 674 reads

On December 21, 2019, Hanoi delegation of teachers and 183 excellent students of Hanoi capital participated in the National HSG Exam 2019-2020 solemnly held an incense offering ceremony to commemorate President Ho Chi Minh. K9 - Da Chong historical monument, Ba Vi district, Hanoi.

Attending the ceremony were teachers Le Ngoc Quang - Deputy Director of Hanoi Department of Education and Training, Teacher Kieu Van Minh - Head of General Education Department of Hanoi Department of Education and Training, Teacher Duong Cong Thinh - Deputy Head of General Education Department of Hanoi Department of Education and Training, Senior Lieutenant Colonel Kieu Dinh Chien - Deputy Head, Chief of Mission Doan 285 and leaders of Department, Department of Hanoi Department of Education and Training, teachers and school administrators teachers in teams and 183 excellent students.

Delegates, teachers and students attended the incense burning ceremony at the K9 - Da Chong monument

At this site, in 1957, during a visit to the 316th Division rehearsal by the Da River, Uncle Ho stopped for lunch on the top of the hill, at the foot of 3 majestic rocks. He chose this position as the Central Base to prevent war that could expand nationwide. In 1960, the Barracks Department of the General Department of Logistics built a stilt house to serve as a meeting and resting place for Uncle Ho and the Central Politburo. Surrounded by a fortified fortification system, this area was named K9 construction site. On September 2, 1969, President Ho Chi Minh "went away". The Party and the State chose K9 as a place to invest in technical equipment to preserve Uncle Ho's body.

Students visit and learn about the K9 relic

In the hour of incense offering and spiritual memorial, the students missed Uncle Ho more, grateful, respectful, proud of him immensely and vowed to continuously study and follow the noble ideology, morality and style. of people. The students expressed their deep respect and gratitude to the great work of Uncle Ho, the genius leader of the Party and the nation. He has devoted his life to the cause of national liberation, the struggle for peace and happiness of the Vietnamese people and was honored as an outstanding national liberator and culturalist. President Ho Chi Minh has gone away, but his image is always with the river, the country of Vietnam, his thoughts will always guide the way for the country's Revolution.

Understanding the meaning of the place here, the students of the Capital were even more grateful and proud of the golden history pages that many generations of his father wrote in blood.

K9 relic is still there, solemn with many historical - cultural values ​​as a sacred symbol linking the hearts and minds of future generations to the national origin. For the students of the Capital today, in their emotional recovery, they are more and more aware of the responsibility to learn and practice, bringing their talents, intellect and strength to build up the immature river, worthy of the noble values ​​of a heroic past that your father has left.

Reporter: Ngo Vu Hoai Thanh - France 2 1720

Translator: Doan The Vinh - English 1 1821