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Exciting summer (or Eventful summer) with the Science Summer Camp 2017

Post by: trangtrang | 06/06/2017 | 605 reads

From June 5 to June 10, the Society of Open Science and Physics Youth Hanoi Amsterdam Club in association with the HES marketing club has organized Science Camp 2017 for 110 children aged 9 to 12 in Hanoi city. The camp has received an incredibly enthusiastic response from the kids’ parents

 The Summer Camp was held at the High School of Education Science. 110 camp members were divided into 10 different houses, named after famous superheroes. During the 6 days at the camp, the children had the chance to expose themselves to different scientific subjects.

During the first day in the camp, there was much shyness in the atmosphere as the kids first meet their new friends and the seniors in charge of the room, but the silence was quickly broken with active, get-to-know games organized by the elders. The kids themselves had the chance to decorate their room based on the room theme, with its own characteristics and colours. After lunch break, they continued the first day with a general introduction to science. The camp members visited 5 different rooms: Model assembly room, Robotic room, Games room, Physics room and Chemistry one.

At the Model assembly room, the inmates were instructed to assemble a car, an airplane, or a table lamp. Many of them learned and assembled themselves successfully. Each car could run, each flying aircraft or each glowing light lamp was an indescribable joy for the kids. Moving to the Games room, they could be involved in games like putting ping pong through the hole, moving the ring not touching the wire, and many other games which were extremely attractive. The Physics room was as a completely new horizon, the kids could directly observe the pen drawing automatically, the way to make a light bulb with 2-way power. The camp members had a good chance to meet up with the Green Ams Robotic Team Club at the Robotic room, and directly control the running robots. Finally, the Chemistry room showed them the magic color changing experiment of water from purple to green, then blue and finally red.

Exploring science in the Physics room

The second day began with a magic lesson. The kids were instructed magic tricks that amazed participants. Some of them learnt quickly and perform magic tricks rather masterfully. The morning continued with lectures on neuroscience delivered by foreign teachers from the Bedrock English Centre. They also learnt to model neurons from clay. In the afternoon of the second day, the kids had many handy experiments, such as slime, lava lamps, volcano, silver eggs or bathtub pumb.

Observing the Lava Lamp experiment 

On the morning of the third day, unlike the previous days, the children were taken to the Teky Institute of Innovative Technology. There, the camp members could participate in such activities as robotics, game programming, 3D drawing and robotics programming, which were extremely diverse. After coming back to the High School of Education Science, the third day afternoon began with study session on forensic science. Finishing the theory lecture, the inmates also practiced by searching for clues to discover the culprit of a criminal case, created by the guiding brothers and sisters. All the participants were eager to seek evidence and were able to quickly decipher the secret message encryption to find the culprit.


The children's field trip to Teky

Plant world theme marked the beginning of the fourth day. The kids learned about ecosystems and watched movies on how to survive in the wild. Furthermore, they got to experiment flower color change, whereby a white flower when dipped in water turned into a fanciful purple color. Finally, they also created by themselves a small ecosystem inside a water bottle that included trees, fish and gravel.

​In the afternoon, under the instruction of teachers from UBERmath, inmates were exposed to model math. The lecture section was built as a 3-round game, the first round they had to answer questions in order to have pieces of wood for constructing the castle. The second one, two teams would decipher the codes to get attacking; defending cards ... The last round was a battle for castle destruction, and castle defense between the two teams, which was extremely intense. Through interesting rounds game, the inmates had gained a lot of new knowledge, increased the ability to think logically through mathematical questions.

A science lesson of campers at Science Camp 

On the 5th day of the camp, in the morning the children had leisure time to prepare their room’s repertoire. They were very brave to express their personalities through the repertoire, laboriously practice to get the best performance. Some room’s repertoire was singing, other was dancing, but all of them were very talented.

​In the afternoon, once again the camp members could enjoy a picnic trip. This time they visited the high-tech exhibition area of Panasonic Risupia. Firstly, the kids had been instructed and explained the lava experiment by the staff. Then, they could enjoy many interesting scientific games inside the Risupia area.

In the morning of the last day of Science Camp, the kids enthusiastically participated in Game Day. At the beginning, all the ten rooms participated in answering 10 different questions for examining the scientific knowledge. The Batman room won the champion in the game with correct answers to all the questions. Then, the rooms had the task of deciphering the codes and complete the challenge at the pegs. Each team had to overcome the challenges, such as building equipment to move eggs without breaking them, assembling water rockets and building towers from newspaper. Although they were very difficult challenges, but the kids had worked together to achieve the best. In this game, the Wolverine was quick enough to take the lead.

After an exhausting morning, the camp members took a rest and prepared for the Gala summit in the evening. The repertoire items were reviewed. In addition, our little friends also performed experiences, magic tricks or spoke about what they had learnt during the summer camp. After the room parent's meeting, all the camp members together with their parents participated in the summary Gala. Opening ceremony was the speech of the Head of the program   organizers. The sharing words of Ms. Tang Tran Dieu Linh (Trung 1518) about the summer camp had made many people moved. Every room in the program received a different award. In addition, each one would also select a typical inmate to receive medal from the program.

Next up is the screening of the event's recap video. Then came the most awaited part of the show with  performances and individual memorial clip of each room. The Thor room stayed fit with 3 songs, the Superman was lovely with the song "Daddy, where are we going?"; the Hulk was lively with the "Watch Me" dance performance, and there remained 7 other brilliant performances.

Room Hulk's enthusiastic dance performance


Everyone sang the "Youth Song" together

So the road of the Science Summer Camp 2017 was closed, 110 members with 110 different characters now have the same very beautiful memories of each other after six days together. Hopefully we will have more such useful and exciting programs in the future!

Reporter: Ha Mi - Chinese Class 1619

Translator: Anh Mai - English Class 1619