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Amsers claiming the prestigious International Gold Medals

Post by: trangtrang | 25/07/2017 | 649 reads

In recent days, we have been receiving good news from every International Olympiad with prestigious medals. Hanoi-Amsterdam High School is very privileged to have excellent students contributing to the proud list of achievements. With this result, Hanoi-Amsterdam High School once again proves its right pathway to key education for the development of each student’s extraordinary talents, the utmost care and supervision of its Board of Rectors, and the hard work of the students as well as teachers involved in the teaching gifted students process

Nguyen Bang Thanh Lam – Gold Medal, International Chemistry Olympiad


With 3 Gold Medals and 1 Silver Medal, Viet Nam has reached the second most successful nation at this year’s 49th International Chemistry Olympiad. This is also the highest result of the Viet Nam team participating in the International Chemistry Olympiad as of now. One of those prestigious Gold Medals belong to Nguyen Bang Thanh Lam – Chemistry major at Hanoi-Amsterdam High School. Thanh Lam ranks 20th in the whole competition and 2nd in the Viet Nam team with the score of 89,76/100.

The Viet Nam team at the International Chemistry Olympiad


Thanh Lam was once awarded the Silver Medal at the IJSO in 10th grade as well as second and first prizes in the National Competition for the Gifted in 11th and 12th grade. In addition to his own passion, Thanh Lam also considers his second motivation his head teacher and friends who are always with him, motivate him, and give him wonderful advice.


Dinh Anh Dung – Gold Medal, International Physics Olympiad

The Viet Nam team participating in the IPhO 2017 consists of 5 students with 4 Gold Medals and 1 Silver Medal. Dinh Anh Dung – a student majoring in Physics at Hanoi-Amsterdam High School – has successfully taken home a Gold Medal, ranking 5th in the history of Viet Nam teams as well as contributing the highest accomplishment to the team.


The Viet Nam team at IPhO 2017


Recently, Anh Dung made his family and the school proud with his Gold Medal at the Asian Physics Olympiad. Anh Dung once shared: “… my dream cannot have been made into reality without the help of my teachers, the school, and friends in and out of school.


Pham Nam Khanh – Silver Medal, International Mathematical Olympiad


This year, the Viet Nam team has 6 students participating in the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) 2017, bringing back 4 Gold Medals, 1 Silver Medal, and 1 Bronze Medal. One of those competitors, Pham Nam Khanh of Hanoi-Amsterdam High School, got the score of 21. He, along with other team members, has raised Viet Nam to the 3rd position in the competition, making history with the highest result out of 43 years of the Viet Nam team participating in the International Mathematical Olympiad.


Pham Nam Khanh – Silver Medal, International Mathematical Olympiad


Nam Khanh has studied at Hanoi-Amsterdam ever since secondary school. He has won numerous prestigious prizes at national and international mathematical competitions. During 10th and 11th grade, Nam Khanh always won the First prize at the National Mathematical Competiton for the Gifted.


Every day, Amsers leave their mark on the school’s brilliant achivement list. They not only make themselves and their families proud but also putting Viet Nam as well as Hanoi-Amsterdam High School on the map. Hopefully, the school will continue to have more and more successful students in the future!


Reporter: Kim Chi – Literature 16-19

Translator: Hai Dang – English1 15-18

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