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Communisty Party recruitment for students at Hanoi - Amsterdam High School

Post by: trangtrang | 05/07/2023 | 105 reads

With the project “I love history”, Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted has made initial progress in the development of Party loyalship among students.

Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted is a school regarded for its high-quality training within the Capital of Hanoi. This is considered a national specialized school on an international level, with high quality of education in Vietnam.

ket nap Dang cho hoc sinh o ngoi truong danh gia bac nhat thu do hinh anh 1

The Party ministers of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted held a Party admission ceremony for 2 excellent students.

After 38 years of establishment and development (since 1985), Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted has become the cradle of generations of good students in the Capital and provides talents for the country.

This prestigious school is not only outstanding in the number of gold medalists in international, national, or city-level excellent olympiads, in recent years, Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted has also paid more attention to Party development for its students.

ket nap Dang cho hoc sinh o ngoi truong danh gia bac nhat thu do hinh anh 2

Secretary of the Party Committee, Principal of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted Tran Thuy Duong admitting Nguyen Hoang Minh Chau

On the occasion of the founding anniversary of the Youth Union on March 26, 2022, Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted admitted its first student to the Party. So far, 11 students of the school have been honored to stand in the ranks of the Party. In 2023 alone, 8 students were admitted to the Party.

ket nap Dang cho hoc sinh o ngoi truong danh gia bac nhat thu do hinh anh 3

and Dang Dinh Truong to the Party

The right motivation propels students to develop themselves

On July 3, the first Monday of the week, Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted organized Party admission for 2 excellent students on the 75th anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh's Call for Patriotism speech. These are Nguyen Hoang Minh Chau, 12 Biology student and Dang Dinh Truong, 12 Math 2 student.


ket nap Dang cho hoc sinh o ngoi truong danh gia bac nhat thu do hinh anh 4

Student Nguyen Hoang Minh Chau

Sharing her feelings during the Party admission process, Nguyen Hoang Minh Chau, still a high school student, realized that she still had shortcomings, but in the training to become a Party member, Chau understood that it could be a great opportunity to motivate her continued efforts in the future.

“As a young Party member, I will persistently carry out the oaths in front of the Party flag today, continue to make more efforts to study for personal development, along with actively participating in volunteer work and Party membership development work in schools, so that more young people understand the significance and responsibility of being a part of the Party.” Nguyen Hoang Minh Chau shared

Nguyen Hoang Minh Chau's achievement includes prizes in the City-level Biology Olympiad 2021-2022; school scholarships for 3 consecutive years; an active member of the school's Red Phoenix Relay Volunteer Team, and currently the Head of Logistics for the non-profit project called Superposition Hanoi.

Happy and proud to be in the ranks of the Party, Dang Dinh Truong - a student of grade 12 Math 2 expressed his gratitude for the Party's policy of nurturing “red seeds”, giving more opportunities for young people to choose their future paths, ideological orientation to serve the Fatherland from day one, and of nurturing a firm and unwavering spirit among them. In the coming journey, he asserted that he would continue to cultivate and practice self-improvement.

Dang Dinh Truong is the founder of the Afullia 2021 gender and gender equality propaganda project; acts consistently as the role model of a good student with 3 years of good conduct and a GPA of over 9.0.

ket nap Dang cho hoc sinh o ngoi truong danh gia bac nhat thu do hinh anh 5

Student Dang Dinh Truong

Present at the ceremony of admitting new Party members of the school, Hanoi-Amsterdam alumnus Nguyen Dinh Minh, the first student to be admitted to the Party at the school more than 1 year ago, currently a student of the School of Economics (Hanoi National University) still felt touched when being given the great responsibility of a Party member.

Minh recalled, from the moment he was given the decision to join the Party, Minh set a short-term orientation for himself in his 4 years at the university. After 1 year of entering the University, Minh found himself more mature than before and became more independent and more adept in teamwork skills, especially excellently becoming the entrance valedictorian of the school and is currently a member of the Secretariat of the Student Union of the School of Economics, Hanoi National University.

“For me, students are our country’s seeds, and they can become a positive factor contributing to the development of the country. Therefore, having the correct mindset and the will to become a Party member at a young age is extremely important” - Nguyen Dinh Minh expressed.

The work of developing Party recruitment among students is a relatively novel task

Ms. Tran Thuy Duong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Principal of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted, said that the work of developing Party loyalship among students is a novel duty for not just Ams but also other high schools in Hanoi. However, after being honored to receive a book about General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong by the People’s Newspaper, the school gained more motivation and determination to carry out this work.

ket nap Dang cho hoc sinh o ngoi truong danh gia bac nhat thu do hinh anh 6

Secretary of the Party Committee, Principal of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted Tran Thuy Duong

In order to achieve these initial results, the school determined that political and ideological education must be a top priority. Therefore, the ideological education program has been integrated in the curricula, in the celebrations of the Youth Union's establishment or in volunteer activities. In particular, the “I love history” club was born with weekly activities in the form of face-to-face or online meetings, providing students with a platform to share and connect with each other through the guidance of teachers. From these meetings, they can be inspired and realize that joining the Party is an honor, but also a challenge for young people with enthusiasm and ambition to contribute to the country.

“We pride ourselves on doing a good job of mentoring our students. Students who have worked as class officers understand the responsibility very well. We are really touched when many parents bring their children to express their aspirations for the school to create conditions for their children to strive, grow and train. The school has now admitted 11 party members, and there is a club of admitted Party members in Ams. We believe that in the future, it will be the previous generations of students of the school who will follow the teachers and lead the next to the right direction,” Duong said.

In order to find the “key” to the development of party members among students, the school must also overcome many difficulties. The greatest difficulty is doing ideological work with students and their parents. Most students of the school are only concerned with studying abroad. Many think that this path is the only way to their future developments. As such, in order to educate our students and their families, teachers in the School Union, Party Committee, and the School Board would select and exchange with potential students to help them understand and participate in Party sympathy classes alongside the “I love history” club . It will be through these assemblies that they can mature a lot.

Another difficulty is the paperwork process, as there are no common standards or detailed instructions on the application process for students admitted to the Party. To be admitted to the Party, students must be old enough before a certain date, so for those born in April and May months, if their application is about 2-3 months late, the opportunity to be admitted in school will be missed. This has also put great pressure on the school’s Committee, while the teachers in the Committee only work part-time..

ket nap Dang cho hoc sinh o ngoi truong danh gia bac nhat thu do hinh anh 7

The Secretary of the Party Committee of the school instructing new Party members of the school

It can be said that with the club model like “I love history”, Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted has had initial achievements in the development of the Party among students. Ms. Tran Thuy Duong said that in the coming time, the school will continue to maintain the club on a more developed scale, and students will have more activities; instead of just attending school and performing online activities, students will be able to participate in many extracurricular programs too. It is expected that in this year’s July, the school will organize a trip on the occasion of the Day of the Wounded Martyrs.

“We believe in their creativity, and more meaningful activities can be developed within the following years with just 1 year of guidance from us”, Ms. Duong affirmed.

The Resolution of the 5th Plenum of the 13th Committee has clearly pointed out that the party contingent will serve as the decisive factor in the leadership capacity and fighting power of the Party's grassroots organization. Therefore, it is necessary to create an environment for Party members to train and strive, while attaching importance to the quality of Party member development, paying attention to developing Party members among Youth Union members and Trade Unions, along with other bright candidates and outstanding people...

Translator: Nguyễn Ngọc Khôi Nguyên - English 2 2023

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