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Meeting with Hanoi National University of Education’s graduate with highest honor

Post by: Mai Thành Sơn | 12/11/2013 | 3262 reads

With the recent end of the grand University Entrance test, the faces of the graduates with highest honor have finally been revealed. This year, Hanoi – Amsterdam high school is really proud to have 5 graduates with highest honor in 5 prestigious schools. In this article, let’s meet PhạmHoàngTuấn Minh – math-majored Amser - Hanoi National University of Education’s graduate with highest honor to learn more experience from him.

Hello. First of all, let me congratulate you on being the Hanoi National University of Education’s graduate with highest honor in the earlier Entrance exam. How do you, and your family, feel when receiving such news?

My family and I were thrilled upon knowing that I have graduate with highest honor in grade A1 in Hanoi National University of Education. Joy burst after months of continuous studying. Speaking of which, I would like to give my deep and sincere gratitude to my parents and teachers who have been side by side with me throughout my time here: From miss Chi, Miss Hang in TrungVuongschool to MrGiang in Hanoi – Amsterdam school. In my 3 years studying here, I’m so blessed to study in class 10T1, a great study environment that really contributes to my success.

What has made a math-majored student choose to become a future teacher instead of pursuing other scientific fields?

Since I was young, I have always dreamt of becoming my respectable teachers. In addition, Math and English are my 2 favorite subjects. Therefore, I choose the Math-English educational field instead others.

I have known that you chose group A1 (Math, Physics, English) in this Entrance exam. So can you share some tips on these 3 particular subjects?

Actually I don’t have any special secrets behind my success. Through the process of studying, beside my teachers’ lectures in class, self-study is also vital. I went through tests, then gain experiences from the homework that I’ve done. Additionally, Math and English are my fortes and my passion so I felt extremely comfortable with them.

To achieve such high test results on 3 subjects, you must have had a systematic organization of time for both your mind and your health. So how did you distribute your time to studying for the tests?

Of course, to the senior students preparing for a major test, studying had to be prioritized. However, I think we should not miss the fun and entertaining activities so as to avoid stressing our mind. During the revising process, mainly I self-studied at home, but I still made time for extracurricular activities: Ngàyhộianhtài, Made in 12 and sports: football, basketball to relax my mind.

For you, what is the most important factor to help us achieve the desirable results in tests?

The sheer determination and the concentration on the right jobs at the right time.

Do you have any advices for the next year’s test takers?

I just want to advise you to clearly determine your goals early on your university and major so that you can study beforehand. Moreover, you should only focus on your test subjects and take up only a few extra classes.

As there’ve been quite many questions on studying, let’s change to a more interesting subject. So what is your hobby?

I especially like sports, both watching and playing sports like soccer, basketball, tennis…

Can you share your thoughts on the life of freshmen in first few days?

The university life is new and full of surprises that I haven’t completely discovered. However, after the first few days, university to me is pretty interesting.

The environment here is totally different from that of high school.

The last question is that as a math-majored Amser, are you intended on following Math in your education path in the future?

Certainly as it’s always been my passion. Last but not least, I want to give my best wishes to the next class to get higher achievements in the future and continue to keep the Amser’s tradition alive!

Thank you for what you’ve shared. I hope that you will continue to succeed in life and I wish to see you soon as a Math teacher in the future.

                                                                    Author: Nguyen Bich Ngoc (V 11-14)

                                                                    Translator: Nguyen Thanh Nam (A1 13-16)