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Jubilant "Creativity Day" at Hanoi - Amsterdam

Post by: Mai Thành Sơn | 20/09/2012 | 3911 reads

On August 29th, almost all students of Hanoi-Amsterdam High School had their chances to get together after a long summer vacation with the unique activity called "Creativity Day" within NHAT 2012. On this day, the school was not divided into 12 specialized classes as usual as 2 classes had to team up so 6 pairs participated according to the rules. By creating this kind of "league", all of Amsers can feel the unity atmosphere between classes throughout the whole school.



Some lovely cheering signs


The boys are working really hard today


The Notice Board of Elgible Ingredients


The Chemistry - Geography Alliance


It's stressful having to compete with many teams


The IT - History League

Literature - Biology, Chemistry - Geography, IT - History, Math - Chinese, English - French, Physics - Russian forged alliances to compete in two main contests: “Apron Decorating” and “Cooking”. This was the chance for the girls and boys of one of the best high school in Vietnam to show off not only their dexterity but also their creativity.


Choosing fruits and ingredients


The apron - decorating team


All teams are trying their best to finish as fast as they can

During both parts of the competition, all creative members of each team came up with so many original ideas that the audience and the judges were always in utter surprises. In the “Apron Decorating” contest, while the Math - Chinese Coalition brought in impressive military style aprons, the Literature - Biology Alliance made the whole school burst into cheer, turning their boys into ... mermaids.


The Math - Chinese army


The boys' adroitness


Doing everything on their own

More than that, during the cooking contest , the contestants - multi-talented boys delivered a dazzling performance by designing impressive, sophisticated and meaningful dishes. The Math - Chinese League again put the audience in awe with their salad and fish-on-rice dish based on the war and peace theme.

Meanwhile Geography - Chemistry chose Vietnamese traditional dishes with mixed rice wrapped in lotus leaves and banana flower salad. IT - History and Physics - Russian went for modern style and successfully pulled off strawberry-flavored cake, salad, mixed rice served with mocktail.

In the end, the victory was awarded to Math - Chinese Alliance with French - English and Physics - Russian following as runner - ups.

"Creativity Day" is the final pre-event activity before the school's "Ngay Hoi Anh Tai" – “Talent Festival” to take place later this September. Let's cheer for all the teams and wait for "Ngay Hoi Anh Tai 2012" for much more fun!

Reporter: Le DucThuan (by TTVN)

Translator: Thuc Anh ( A2 11-14)

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