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[Vietnamese women’s day]: Mrs. Nguyen Thuy Linh- our electrolysis point

Post by: trangtrang | 27/10/2014 | 4104 reads

If she were an electrolysis point, the environment surrounding her would be called an electric field. The electric field exerts a force on the other electrolysis points put into it. The other electrolysis points are us- her little pupils.

I still remembered, on those early October mornings, the chilly weather of fell; the soft warm blankets just made us want to linger forever in bed. Why did the autumn wind keep caressing my eyelids? On those days, attending school was a real “torture” to many students. Even the strident bell ring of the first lesson failed to wake up those tired students nodding off in class. But, no matter how tired you felt, let’s join a lesson in Physics of Ms Nguyen Thuy Linh with us – class 11 France 1.

The very first impression that she made on the whole class was that she had a very fast and loud voice. To those “idle ”, “daydreaming” students like us,  first classes are so difficult. Then, little by little, her Physics lesson becomes the only one in which all of us are “100% conscious”. Her speed is now a precious cure that helps us focus on the lessons.

Our Ms. Thuy Linh! Never before did she dream of becoming a teacher. Her goal when she was in high school was attending Polytechnic University. Nevertheless, in her 12th grade,  she decided to become a teacher out of her respect for a teacher of Physics. She told us: “ On my first days of teaching, I felt extremely stressed and regretful of my decision to follow in the teaching career. A new young grad, I hoped to work in an environment with many people of the same age as me to be able to learn more. Yet, at school, there was only one professional meeting per month, and at times, no sooner had I made a cup of tea than the bell started to ring and I had to hurry to the class. There was very little chance to talk and learn back then.” She had to discover the suitable teaching method herself to create joy  in her career. To her, the work of teaching people – “the planting work” - is full of pleasure. How to impart the knowledge to students who are  indifferent and uninterested in the subject? How to help pupils become good at Physics? In particular, in her opinion, teaching is a two-sided work that requires both energetic, excited students and professional teachers.

Now, the class has become her happiness: Exposed to students, she feels the young at heart. Sometimes, telling jokes, funny stories to the students, seeing their smiles make her so happy. After these happy moments, she often says that: “ It was really fun but I can’t be too sociable, close to you guys as familiarity breeds contempt and therefore no one will listen to me.” Her work seems so be so platitudinous as the same knowledge is repeated every year but in fact it is so interesting. To her, each generation of students is an unforgettable experience filled with loving memories.

When asked what the definition of love is, everyone would have his/ her own answer such as: loving each other, looking after each other, thinking about each other, worrying about each other, standing by each other forever,… and so on. Mrs Thuy Linh also loves us, cares for us, worries about us and has much concern about the best way to make students understand her lessons easily and efficiently; the knowledge and love she gives us will follow us forever after… That’s called love, too! Her love is even greater, as it is fully devoted to students, to the precious work of “human planting”. This love is our source of power, the flame that enlightens all of us.

Since the national women’s day 20/10 is coming, I wish you more beauty, health and  joy in your life as well as success in your career!

Author: Kieu Trang P1 13-16

Translator: Thu Tra A1 14-17

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