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The tribute and debut celebration “Made in 12 17-20: The flower seal”: The beauty and emotional seal of flowe

Post by: trangtrang | 13/07/2020 | 326 reads

Three school years, 36 months and 1063 days at Ams of 17-20 Amsers have passed by with numerous impressions and beautiful memories of the student age. After the pre-events such as The Week of Red Background, The Day of Ao Dai,... the Made in 12 program has come to an end with The Tribute and Debut celebration, sacredly and emotionally held at 3 p.m on 13/07/2020 in the 700 Meeting-hall of Hanoi Amsterdam High School.


Opening the ceremony is “the Hanoi-Amsterdam song”, the school’s traditional song performed by teachers and students of grade twelfth

Joining the ceremony were the meritorious teacher Do Lenh Dien - Former Principal of the school; teacher, doctor Le Thi Oanh- Former Party Committee Secretary, Former Principal; teacher Tran Thuy Duong - the Principal; the meritorious teacher Bui Van Phuc - Vice Principal, teacher Ho Quoc Viet - Vice Principal, teacher Nguyen Dinh Vinh - Vice Principal, teacher Duong Tu Anh - Vice Principal; together with the attendance of  other head teachers and subject teachers, the representatives of the 17 Classes’ Guardians and all the 584 Amsers of school year 17-20.

At the beginning of the Tribute and Debut Celebration, teacher Bui Van Phuc - the Vice Principal, on behalf of the school board made a speech to remind the twelfth grade Amsers of something special. In his speech, he explicitly emphasised “the 17 - 20 students are special, because you had to face the COVID-19 pandemic. However difficult it was, you never stopped making progress and displaying your creativity in both the academic and extracurricular field. I hope that, wherever you are, whatever you do, you must have the confidence and courage to become truly mature”.

Teacher Bui Van Phuc, on behalf of the school board and the teachers advised the twelfth grade Amsers

Next, teacher Le Thi Oanh also sent her loving wish to the students of school year 17 - 20: “ I wish that you find peace, happiness and success. Please remember that Ams is home, therefore you are welcome to return home anytime you want”.

On behalf of the 17 - 20 students, Ho Phi Dung of class 12 Physics had expressed his gratefulness to the parents, the teachers and the school board who had guided the 17 - 20 Amsers. The organizer also presented a clip to pay a tribute to the teachers and had presented the teachers with fresh flowers and the most heart- warming wishes.

Students giving their teachers flower bouquets and meaningful gifts

The representatives of Hanoi - Ams Students’ Association (H.A.O) giving the head organizer of Made in 12 17 - 20 the memorable photograph


At the end of the ceremony, teacher Duong Tu Anh read aloud sacred and formal poems about the sound of the school’s drum.

After the ceremony was the celebration, the part when Amsers indulged themselves in the exciting yet still emotional, touching performances of the classes. When the song “ To sunshine” , devised by the 17 - 20 Amsers themselves was sung was also the moment the Tribute and Debut Celebration ended, opening a new chapter to each Amser.

17 - 20 Amsers cheering and indulging themselves in the rhythm of the song “to sunshine”

So a generation of talented students had begun their next journey from Hanoi - Amsterdam High School, leaving behind memories and the impressions of the student age - as beautiful and brightening as summer flowers. No matter where they go, no matter how the future turns out to be, the 17 - 20 Amsers will always remember in their heart that: “Once Amsers, Forever Amsers”. 

Reporter: Do Hanh Nhi - Chinese 1720

Photographer: Chuc Khanh LInh - Manchester 1822

Interpreter: Vu Minh Tam - English 1821