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Tran Duc Huy – Amser winning gold medal in the 19th Asian Physics Olympics (APhO 2018)

Post by: trangtrang | 22/05/2018 | 576 reads

Recently, in the 19th  Asian Physics Olympiad (APhO 2018), the Vietnamese team has achieved excellent results, especially the final  results of Amser Tran Duc Huy from class 12 Physics 1. Join Ams Wide Web to meet Tran Duc Huy and listen to interesting pieces of stories of this talented guy!

Interviewer: Hello. I'm very happy that you join us on our interview today! Can you share some your feelings about winning the gold medal and the title of Best Performance among the Vietnamese Team?

I was very happy and also a little surprised when I learned that I had won the gold medal and achieved the highest score among the delegation of Vietnam participating in the contest. Thanks to the help of teachers, friends and parents, along with the support from school, I was able to excel to such results.

Interviewer: Earlier on, during the 11th International Olympic Astronomy and Astrophysics Olympics, you had achieved the Silver Medal. This time, during the 19th Asian Physics Olympics, you continued to record success. With both competitions being of large scale and presenting the opportunity to meet with many strong competitors from many countries around the world, have you gained any valuable experience for yourself?

Throughout the competitions, I had been competing with many talented students. which helped me to improve my concentration, logical thinking and problem-solving skills in a very formal way. In my opinion, that is not only important and necessary in studying but also important in all aspects of life.

Tran Duc Huy and the Vietnamese delegation in the Asian Physics Olympiad

Interviewer: During the process of recruitment and training for the contest, there must have been pressure and difficulty. Can you talk about the greatest hindrance you have ever experienced? How did you solve the problem so that you can further motivate yourself to continue on the journey of conquering knowledge?

The greatest hindrance was my failure to qualify for the Asian Physics Olympiad in 2017. I was worried that other competitors would be too strong and the chances for the next year would not be high. Thanks to the encouragement of my teachers and friends, I quickly regained balance and confidence to start working again.

Interviewer: As one of the 8 contestants of the host country, what are your thoughts on the responsibility of yourself and your teammates in affirming the status and wisdom of Vietnamese people with international friends?

I have made up my mind before the contest that a member of the Vietnamese delegation must, first of all, make every effort to achieve excellent results to represent the ability and wisdom of the Vietnamese people. In addition, as a student of the host country, I should actively exchange and learn from international friends, promote the beauty of Vietnam and leave a good impression of Vietnam in the eyes of international contestants.

Interviewer: Besides your passion for physics, do you have any other hobbies, like sports or listening to music, etc. to relieve stress?

Besides physics, I also like to play sports. I am not good at sports so I am only playing to improve my health. Since the exams and the training sessions are very stressful, apart from knowledge, I haveto maintain good physical health.

Interviewer: As a 12th grader who is about to leave Hanoi – Amsterdam High School, can you share some feelings about the school and the teachers who have helped you wholeheartedly during the school years?

For me, the Hanoi-Amsterdam school is my second home. This is a great school full of great people, teachers and friends. The three years in Hanoi - Amsterdam will forever be a beautiful memory in my life.

Interviewer: Will you continue to pursue Physics in the future? Can you share some of your plans and options after high school?

I will continue to pursue Physics. Next year, I plan to study abroad, but I am still in the process of choosing a school.

Interviewer: If you could send a few words to the students who have already chosen or will choose Physics to pursue the goal of conquesting knowledge, what would you say?

I just want to say that Physics or any other profession is very interesting but also challenging. We have to keep moving forward and be serious with our choices in order to succeed.

Interviewer: Thank you for taking part in the interview today. Ams Wide Web wishé you you confidence and energy to continue conquering new challenges in the future and fulfill your ambitions!


Reporter: Thuy Trang – Literature 1720

Translator: Hong Minh – English 1 1720