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A teacher’s word on Vietnamese Teachers’ Day 20/11

Post by: trangtrang | 02/12/2019 | 2208 reads

Our country has a tradition of respecting morals and our educators. Teaching is a noble and well-respected profession, which holds a pivotal role within our society. It requires the commitment and passion from teachers to nurture the young minds for them to become educated and accomplished citizens. They had, have, and will always carry a sacred responsibility, devoting their heart and soul to their educational careers. To celebrate the forthcoming Vietnamese Teachers’ Day 20/11, Ams Wide Web had a small conversation with Mr. Nguyen Van Manh - our Army Training teacher - and listened to him sharing his feelings during this meaningful occasion.

Reporter: Hello. Thank you for accepting this interview and sharing your thoughts on these recent days. First of all, what are your feelings of this celebratory atmosphere when the Vietnamese Teachers’ Day 20/11 is coming near? 

 Mr. Manh: I’m really happy that the Teachers’ Day is nearby and no matter how many days of November 20th I have been a part of, I always feel excited and anticipate for this occasion. 

Reporter: During this week of paying gratitude to the teachers, have you noticed any differences from the students compared to the previous days ? 

 Mr. Manh: Yes, of course. A lot of students have sent me their congratulations on these days. A few classes even sent gifts. They gave me presents and greeting cards, which look really lovely. 

Reporter: From the view of a teacher who has been working in our high school for quite a long time, do you feel there are any differences between this 20/11 and earlier ones ?

Mr. Manh: If there are any differences then I think it’s only that more classes have congratulated me on this occasion. 

Reporter: Have there been any changes in your feelings compared to your first days in this school? And what are your remarks on this young generation? 

Mr. Manh: I think my feelings stay the same, the atmosphere is lively as ever. The students are the only things that change. They have become more involved, more tech-savvy than before. They are also more open-minded, willing to share more thoughts with the teachers. Besides that, however, some students need to be more disciplined and dutiful, and should listen to the teachers. 

Reporter: On the occasion of Vietnamese Teachers’ Day 20/11, do you have any personal hopes or wishes, or any messages that you would like to send to the students ?

Mr. Manh: I hope the students will stop skipping classes, because the semester exams are approaching. Besides that, I hope they would send the teachers their sincerest congratulations - these are the greatest gifts the teachers expect from you, above everything else. 

Reporter: My questions are now finished. On behalf of Ams Wide Web, I wish you more and more healthy, happy, and hope you will have a memorable celebration day. Once again, thank you for participating in the interview today. 

Mr. Manh: Thank you. 

From Mr. Manh’s sharing, we can realize that our teachers always wish the best for us, and what they expect from the students in return are our love and earnestness, not some frivolous physical objects. On behalf of Ams Wide Web, I hope that our teachers will have a joyful and meaningful tribute ceremony. 

Reporter: Le Ha Linh - French 2 1720

Translator: Bui Thi Hien Anh - English 1 1720


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