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Post by: trangtrang | 17/06/2021 | 276 reads

Following the instruction No. 65-HD/DTN dated June 2, 2021 of the Standing Committee of Cau Giay District Youth Union on the organization of "The Red Phoenix Flower Volunteer Campaign in 2021, the Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted Youth Union has called on union members to participate in the volunteering campaign to support the summer exam 2021. In the past 5 days from June 12th 2021 to June 16th 2021, 69 volunteers were divided into 14 shifts to ensure safety and relaxation. They were present at the exam site of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted, providing transportation assistance to avoid traffic jams, measuring body temperature, disinfecting hands as well as cheering up the spirit of the examinees.

On the morning of June 12, 2021, which is also the first day of the 10th grade entrance exam season, 13 volunteers divided into 2 shifts successfully completed their tasks despite the bad weather and still followed the state epidemic prevention rules.

Volunteers disinfecting hands and taking temperature for candidates


Young volunteers practice social distancing during volunteering

Continuous rain storms during the first 3 days, also the key 3 days of the exam, caused many difficulties for the students. Unfavorable weather not only hinders the travelling process, but also greatly affects the mentality of students when many enter the exam room with wet clothes. However, the dedicated care and help of the volunteers helped the children feel more secure. This is not only an extracurricular activity, but also a tradition of solidarity, altruism, empathy and connection among generations of students. Actions such as covering an umbrella or encouraging morale come from the position of seemingly very small volunteers, but unintentionally create intangible and priceless values, contributing to strengthening trust and setting good examples for future generations.

Volunteers help contestants despite the rain
Small but meaningful actions from volunteers
5 days of exams with erratic weather causes a lot of fatigue for anyone, but this is not a reason for the young volunteers of Ams School to neglect their duties. No words needed to be spoken but everyone's eyes sparkled with love and faith in them.


Break time after taking the candidates into the exam room. Despite wearing a mask, this young male volunteer is still bright and active.



2021 is a special year for students. Although it has been 1 year of familiarization with the epidemic situation, the outbreak of the epidemic right before the exam season as well as the almost last-minute change in the time and structure of the exam made the students confused and had difficulty in completing the exam. orientation towards the final stage. In an interview with the Ams Wide Web reporter, a student expressed: “The exam is quite reasonable, but the change in time has a significant impact on the candidates’ work. I think this year's test scores will change a lot. I personally do not like this change but it can benefit many other students. Anyway, I did my best and I'm confident about that."


The image of a student sharing confidently after coming out of the exam room

At the end of a memorable exam season, the Red Phoenix Flower volunteer campaign to support the exam season has left many beautiful memories in the hearts of the volunteers of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted. This is a great opportunity for them to share, contribute to the common good and do meaningful work for the community. Despite facing many difficulties in terms of conditions, the 2006 soldiers did their best. Hope your efforts will be rewarded and the gate of Ams School is opened to welcome you.


Reporter: To Ha Anh - Literature 2023

Translator: Do Thuan An - English 1 2023