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[NHAT 2014] – French Class – The close-knit Gallic roosters

Post by: trangtrang | 10/10/2014 | 3303 reads

“L’union fait la force” (Unity is strength) has been and always be the slogan that is deeply rooted in the memory of many generations of Amsers of the French Class. It was the unity and teamwork that motivated this Class, which usually possesses the highest “population”, to overcome many challenges and hardship. Over the years and now at NHAT 2014 with the theme “Pharos”, the Amsers of 12-15, 13-16 and 14-17 have successfully followed this tradition of the French Class.

Throughout the whole NHAT 2014 (the Festival of the talented 2014), each individual of the French Class has contributed their best, not only to the achievement of many high places in many activities of the Class, but also, above all, to the living up to his/her true self, to his/her own expression of different genuine chords of emotions and to the indulgence in an enthusiastic atmosphere.

Under the scorching sun at the football field practicing for the Sports Day’s games, coming up with strategies for the Records Day without having lunch, rolling  on the floor with paintings for the Class Booth with the result of colors all over the faces and clothes… This sequence of images will always be a beautiful memory for each “Gallic rooster” of Hanoi – Amsterdam: with the existence of not only happiness but also moments of silence and never-ending fierce arguments. Nonetheless, fortunately, a string bonding the members of the Class was always in place, not allowing the dispute to last long, effacing all worry and apprehension. Moreover, it also instilled into French Class Amsers the belief in victory: it was not about winning the titles of the competition but was rather about the perception that it was crucial for the individuals to sacrifice his/her ego for the sake of the Class’s goals. That miracle string was nothing else but the unity that not only the French Class but also the others have been succeeded in preserving firmly.

Let’s take a look at the Road to NHAT 2014 – Pharos Finale of the French Class

“Leading the C Table and eventually claiming the 4th place at the Sports Day”

“Setting the record of 792 kilos of scrap in “Voluntary Week””

“Claiming the championship of “Connection Day”

“Always be an enthusiastic and energetic Class in each pre-Event”

“Not participating any challenges but still cheering hard for other Classes in “Records Day”

“Presenting a novel Class video clip with a new insight into its demonstration and meanings behind the image of the Pharos”

“Based on the Vietnam War, if the Class Talent performance revived the boiling, deadly atmosphere at the front line with the strong will of the soldiers ....

the Class Booth rather featured the atmosphere of a commerce shop in the rear, presenting the revival of the Northern Vietnam in terms of economy and the supply for the Southern Vietnam. Both the front line and the rear possessed patriotism in the light of the “lighthouse”. This insightful idea has claimed the French Class the Class Booth Award."


“Two members of the French Class: The Culture Ambassador Dương Đăng Khoa and The Most-Wanted Ambassador Nguyễn Hương Giang”

The Finale has been over but the energy still lingers on. The French Class as well as the other Eleven will continue to shine at the coming promising NHATs in the future. And it is a foregone conclusion that the “Gallic roosters” of Hanoi Amsterdam will always bring along their unity, strong attachment, along with studying well and participating in activities enthusiastically, so as to maintain these amazing memories of the students’ times.

“L’union fait la force” (Unity is strength)

Author: Hương Giang P2 1316

Translator: Tan Phat A1 1316