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[NHAT’ 18] The Colormix - An outburst of colors with the 12 majors

Post by: trangtrang | 17/05/2018 | 586 reads

On Wednesday morning (16/5), The Colormix - the next pre-event of NHAT 2018 took place at the BC hall with the participation of all 12 majors. There were performances that successfully highlighted the unique qualities of each major; they indeed lived up to the expectations of the audience.

Joining The Colormix, majors were required to stage a performance according to a chosen music track as well as a chosen color tone. The judges of the competition included People’s Artist Tu Long, MC Nguyen Khang, and singer-musician Nguyen Tran Trung Quan—all are popular and experienced people their respective field. Three judges provided very detailed yet no less humorous comments for the performances of 12 majors.

The Geography major livened up the atmosphere right away with a mystical black tone and the song Dark Horse (Katy Perry ft. Juicy J). The plot of their performance revolved around a boy who cheated on his lover, forcing her to rise from the ashes to deal with the cheater.

The Geography major wanted to spread the message: even when he dressed himself in whatever colors, the evil within him was still covered in a deep dark color. 

Next, the audience was taken on a land of cowboys with Timber (Pitbull ft. Ke$sha) and a brownish tone by the Computer Science major. The story took place at a bar where men and women all having fun dancing with one another, when suddenly three harassers showed up.

A cowboy with his special outfit

When the color red is mentioned, Tet holiday is usually recalled by most people - that was also the theme of the History major with the song Ve nha an Tet (Big Daddy ft. Justa Tee). The performance was about office workers who couldn’t go home with their families at Tet because they haven’t finished their work required by the demanding boss.

After successfully persuading the boss, everyone was allowed to return home for a red-filled Tet.

The French major with Wolves (Marshmello ft. Selena Gomez) carried out a love story between a wolf and a human girl amid opposition from outsiders. In the end, by the power of love, they surpassed much hardship to be together.

White and black were mixed together, forming the primary tone for the French major’s performance: grey.

The performance of the Biology major was very adorable with the yellow tone and the song Tình yêu màu nắng (Đoàn Thúy Trang). The love between a boy and a girl from an ethnic minority group was met with hesitance, awkwardness, and ultimately joy filled the stage up with bright yellow.

The cute moment between the girl and the boy.

The BC hall was suddenly turned into a wedding hall covered in a white tone and the song Sugar (Maroon 5) playing in the background. On the wedding day of the couple, a strange character turned up, but luckily, the sweet wedding was still finished successfully. 

The surprise appearance of the mother-in-law interested the audience.

The girls from the Literature major flaunted a pink tone with the song All about that bass (Meghan Trainor). Many girls with different shapes and sizes competed with one another to win the title Miss Pink 2018. In the end, the result shocked everyone.

Miss Pink 2018 was everyone! - everybody deserved their own crowns. 

24K Magic (Bruno mars) was the perfect song for the English major with the two colors: gold and silver. The gap between the rich and poor in society was demonstrated both smoothly and humorously through the steps and acting skills of the English students.

The strong performance from English major.

The Chinese major recounted an interesting story with the song Fire (BTS) to convey their orange tone. An explorer was initially caught by a tribe, but was then turned into a king for teaching tribe members how to make fire.

The king helped resolve disputes among members of the tribe. 

The Math major with the color sea blue and the song Cold Water (Major Lazer ft. Justin Bieber) told a story about Cupid, who carelessly matched couples. On the blue moon day, everyone had their chances to meet the love of their lives.

If you weren’t a match for someone, there would be another.

The sky blue color with the song Cake by ocean (DNCE) was the theme for the Russian major somewhat relived the heat of the summer and filled the atmosphere with joy. When everyone was stuck to their phones all day, going to the beach for a day seemed a difficult task.

Finally, the Physics major with the story based on “Black Panther” highlighted the green color and the song Roar (Katy Perry). The story between 2 brothers trying to become the only ruler of the country was conveyed through the strong dancing skills.

In the end, the two decided to rule the country together, opening it up to the world.

The final result came in: the winner of The Colormix was the Physics major. Even if they are winners or not, every major left a lasting impression of their individualistic colors on the audience!

Reporter: Do Kim Chi - Literature 16-19

Translator: Hai Dang - English1 15-18