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Nguyen Hoang Tung Lam – The potential seed of the National Math Team

Post by: trangtrang | 19/12/2016 | 1389 reads

After the results of the National Team Competition were published, everyone were surprised once again when the Math Team this year enjoys the participation of a student from grade 10 – Nguyen Hoang Tung Lam – 10 Math 1. Many people have already heard of Tung Lam with his achievements from different Math competitions, on both a small and a large scale. So today let us have a talk with this talented guy!

Reporter (R): Hello, Tung Lam. First of all, congratulations on successfully getting in the National Math Team. Mathematics is such a difficult subject for many people. So what is the passion urging you to pursue and attach to Mathematics till now?

Tung Lam (TL): Hello Ams Wide Web. I was lucky to be born into a family with a Mathematics tradition. My parents used to major in Mathematics, too. Perhaps, as a result, the Mathematics passion has run in my blood. Moreover, early exposure to Mathematics further nurture my Mathematics passion. However, in the schoolyear of grade 8, only when I was selected to study in the Math class 8A of the Ams secondary sector did that passion come out. Perhaps, the chair teacher saw a real love for Math behind my dumb and stubborn face. She placed absolute trust in my Mathematics ability, and from a student learning Mathematics instinctively, I started to know how to lean Mathematics in a more methodical and systematic way. I think I was really lucky to be chaired and taught Math by two teachers: Mrs. Phung Thi Kim Dung in grade 8,9 and Mr. Quach Van Giang in grade 10 – teachers who have heated up my passion for Mathematics with their occupational affection. That is also the reason why I have pursued Mathematics until now.

Nguyen Hoang Tung Lam is now a student of class 10 Math 1

R: While practising in the Math Team, you must have had a lot of opportunities to meet Pham Nam Khanh – a student getting in the National Team at the grade of 10. Well, have you ever talked and exchanged views with Khanh?

TL: I had already known Khanh before getting in the Team. I have always been dreaming of myself getting in the Team to have a chance to compete with such an excellent guy. Eventually, on knowing that I have got in the National Team successfully, I was very happy to have fulfilled this dream. I feel lucky to have Khanh as a good example to follow. During the time I study in the Team, I view him as a really amazing person and definitely very bold.

R: Being the only student of grade 10 in the National Team, you must have gone through a harsh training with many difficulties. Could you share with us about those hardships?

TL: Practising to get in the National Team is definitely a tough and exhausting journey, especially for a student in grade 10. As soon as I got through a harsh time of preparing for the High School Entrance Examination, I rushed into a new and much more intense race. There were times when I felt exhausted and discouraged. However, thanks to the motivation from my parents, my teachers at school and especially my deep love for Mathematics, I tried my best to overcome challenges. My efforts paid off in the long run when I was informed that I got in the National Team.

R: Having been studying in the Team for only a short period of time, every member of the Team appears to be so close to each other. What is your most memorable moments about the teachers and other older students in the Team?

TL: Being a part of the Team is such a source of happiness and honour of mine, as a student just getting into a High School like a fish out of the water. The Team consists of members from specialized High Schools in Hanoi, so the twelve of us are very united and share with each other about our studies as well as our lives. Perhaps my feelings in the very first lesson with the national team will be an unforgettable memory in my student years.

R: What an interesting share. Thank you for joining this interview!

Nguyen Hoang Tung Lam with teachers and friends in the IMC 2016 Team

Some outstanding achievements of Nguyen Hoang Tung Lam:

- First Prize at the International Mathematics Tournament of the Towns – ITOT 2015

- Bronze Medal at the International Mathematics Competition - IMC 2016

- MAA’s America Mathematics Competition 2016

- Leader of the First Runner Up Team at the IMC 2016 in Thailand. Leader of the Second Runner Up Team at the IMC 2015 in China

- Participated and got in the Top at the American Invitational Mathematics Examination – AIME 2015-2016

- Third Prize at the National Casio Mathematics Competition for secondary students  2015-2016

- First Prize at the Town Mathematics Olympiad 2015-2016

- First Prize at the Town Casio Mathematics Competition for secondary students  2015-2016

- First Prize at the Hanoi Open Mathematical Olympiad  (HOMC) 2015-2016

- Top scorer in the high school entrance examination 2016-2017 (60 points)

- Top 10 scorers in the entrance examination of Hanoi- Amsterdam High School 2016-2017

- Direct admission offer from High School for Gifted Students - Hanoi University of Science, Vietnam National University 2016-2017

- Direct admission offer from High School of Education Sciences 2016-1017

- Direct admission offer from Kim Lien High School 2016-2017

- Second Prize at the Town Mathematics Olympiad for high school students 2016-2017

- Member of Hanoi’s Math Team participating in the National Mathematics Olympiad 2016-2017

Clearly, Tung Lam is not only an excellent student with admirable academic achievements but also a very open and friendly person. Only in grade 10, what he has acquired so far makes lots of people amazed and admire. It would be a big mistake if we do not mention teachers of Hanoi- Amsterdam High Shool, who have had taught and accompanied Tung Lam on his bumpy road of studies. Hopefully, in the near future, we will have a chance to meet Lam again with new achievements.

Reporter: Ha Mi – Chinese 1619

Translator: Nguyen Ha Trang – English 1 16-19