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Nguyen Do Ha Trang - English major’s Ambassador with outstanding academic achievements

Post by: trangtrang | 05/10/2018 | 284 reads


As one of the most popular activities of Ngay Hoi Anh Tai, the contest Ams Ambassador always receives great attention from students. Before the final night of Ams Ambassador (15/09/1018), Ams Wide Web had a chance to meet and talk to Nguyen Do Ha Trang from class 11A1 - a potential contender for the Ams Ambassador title.

Interviewer: Hi Ha Trang, what motivated you to sign up for Ams Ambassador? What qualities do you think an ambassador needs to possess?

I signed up for Ams Ambassador without any hesitation. The reason is simply because I wish to seek for more passion and confidence in myself as well as having an opportunity to gain more experience. To me, an ambassador is not necessarily the most beautiful, the most successful or the most talented, but the one who has faith in one’s self and a desire to become a well-rounded person.


Ha Trang performing with Glee Ams



Interviewer: The final night is coming. What have you prepared for it?

I and other contestants are putting great efforts into the preparation process. It’s inevitable that everybody all has his or her own affairs, but we all find a way to manage sufficient time for the preparation of our appearance on the final night, including practising and choosing clothes for our performances. All these efforts are devoted to the most flawless performances and, above all, a memorable final night for all students.


Ha Trang (right) with her partner in the talent round of Ams Ambassador


Interviewer: With the theme “Palette” of NHAT 2018, what color do you think you are?

Among all colors, I consider red my symbolic color, from appearance to personality. To me, red does not only represent an appealing appearance but it also demonstrates interior passion and determination. I always hope to develop myself to my full potential and present myself in the most genuine and meaningful way.

Interviewer: You have admirable academic successes and extra-curricular activities. Can you tell us how you have managed your time?

Thank you for your comment, but I consider my achievements humble. I just think that I have made huge efforts. I have my own goals, which keep me motivated and focused. Also, because our time is short, trying hard is not enough. We need to prioritise our works. Understanding this, I always set to finish what is more important first and cherish the time I have.


Interviewer: Your photoshoot is impressive. Can you share more about it?

Firstly, I want to share that during my process of taking this photoshoot, I had received invaluable help from a brother, a friend - Bui Duc Tuan, Ambassador of Style of 2017. My idea for the photoshoot originated from a simple thought: nobody can live without fear. Even I myself was very worried when taking this photoshoot, and I want to convey this to people. Without any assistance, I would not have been able to make it.

Ha Trang’s one-of-a-kind photoshoot


Interviewer: Last but not least, do you have anything to say to all Amsers?

I have many things to say, but the most important message I want to convey to other Amsers is confidence. After this experience, I realise that confidence has helped me achieve more than I expected and learn to love myself more. I’m confident that I’m a fire that can light up the whole sky.


Academic achievements:

1, Gold medal in ITOT Math contest (grade 8)

2, First prize in City Examination for Gifted Students in English

3, First prize in English Olympics contest (grade 9)

4, Gold medal in Internet Olympiads of English (IOE) (grade 9)

5, First prize in English Olympics contest (grade 10)


Extra-curricular activities:

1, Vocalist for Glee Ams

2, Vice president of Insideheart (a charity project at Dong Trang temple, Ninh Binh)

3, Interpreter at Education USA Springfair 2018 (support of Oklahoma State University)

4, Honourable mention - ECOFIN - IVMUN


Thank you Ha Trang for your sharing. Tomorrow, Ha Trang will participate in City Examination for Gifted Students in English for grade-11 students. Wish you good luck with your examination and your demonstration on the final night 15.09.2018


Translated by Tram Anh - English 1 1720