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[MI12] Amsers & the Unforgettable Teacher-Student’s Day

Post by: Mai Thành Sơn | 09/05/2012 | 3485 reads

Included in the pre-events before the seniors’ graduation ceremony, Teacher-Student’s Day this year took place in a vibrant atmosphere, after being put off for 2 weeks due to unforeseen reasons.

10:30 A.M., Wednesday, April 25th, 14 specialized classes turned up in the colorful class uniforms at the big lobby. There was a table filled with gift boxes of all sizes and a promising trophy for the winner team. They were placed next to a scoring board.

 The music started and the game began.


 Creating such an incredible order for each class in the large lobby requires the organizers’ continuous preparation and calculation. From the very first detailed plans till the official time to run the program, numberous ideas were generated or even reconsidered. Eventually, 3 games were put into action.

Three games: “Carrying buckets of water”, “Sticknotes” and “Tug War”  on a sunny day were an extremely rare chance for Amsers to express and find their ultimate state of emotions. That was also a morning for the teachers and students to experience the same joys, so as to remember each other more later.

 “Carrying buckets of water” was like a opening song that makes the whole lobby burst out. Sticknotes was not only more interesting but also very hilarious. In the fiery music beats, the representatives from classes had to jump up and down to get rid of all the sticknotes that the opponents stuck on them.


 The most ridiculous case was when there was only one sticknote left on your shirt, but no matter how hard you tried to jump or shake yourself furiously(even to roll and rub your back on the floor), the sticknote still attached to your body there. Besides, there were shirts made from special material, which just makes it harder for sticknotes to drop out. 1minute 30 seconds passed very quickly, but the laughters kept going on.

 The last game was  Tug War. In comparison with the two previous games, here comes 2 classes will collaborate as a coalition by direct draws. This Vietnamese traditional game was said to be the trademark for the day’s program.

 Most notable stories were about the supporters with their own cheering, which had made very effective effects, such as: “One’s strong, both are happy”, “Pass the university’s exam”,…etc


 On the other hand, that was the game which left the most emotions as it decided the victory and failure directly and clearly. The teams’ spirits were so strong that hardly had the whistle been taken up when the first rope broke.

 All the members of classes streamed onto the nearest stage to cheer. The temperature was up to 38-40̊C, the beads of sweat streamed down on the face, but no one wanted to miss a second of the immense rope. Standing close enough, you could see the clended teeth, the hoarse voice of the cheering, the players’ fiery eyes until those hands became red, the nails in blood, painful fall when the rope slipped from the hands. Sometimes, people just went wild altogether, cheering for their team. That would absolutely be an unforgettable day to Amsers.  


 However, there were also some shortcomings which caused several dead periods of time. The speaker was very good, but the MC’s wasn’t. MC had to scream her lungs yet hardly people could hear her. The game started and ended without official announcements; every notice from the organizers was taken over by the private instructors of each team, so many students and teachers didn’t know what were happening then. The game had a mistake in the refferee’s observation, which led to disagreements. The Award Ceremony to the winners were conducted as the weather was too hot and may students left the lobby after their team’s game was over.

 It can be noted that several flaws occurred on the Teacher-Student’s Day before the storms of emotion left.  Besides, the urgent attitude and responsibility of the referee, the friendliness and enthusiastism of the organizers in handling the situation also deserves recognition.  


 Let’s look forward to the last pre-event in May with “Cuisine Day”, which will definitely take place successfully before our count-down clock runs out of time.

Author: Truc Quynh (V 09-12)

Translator: Huyen Trang (11-14)