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Met Nguyễn Bằng Thanh Lâm: "Golden Boy" at International Chemistry Olympiad

Post by: trangtrang | 24/07/2017 | 636 reads

In the International Chemistry Olympiad IChO 19 (2017) in Thailand, the Vietnamese team was honored to have 4 contestants and has brought home prideworthy medals: 3 gold and 1 silver. One of those gold medals belongs to Nguyen Bang Thanh Lam - a student of class 12 Chemistry 1 at Hanoi Amsterdam High School for the Gifted, term 2014-2017.

Nguyễn Bằng Thanh Lâm - Chemistry class - Hanoi - Amsterdam Gifted High School


Some outstanding accomplishments of Nguyễn Bằng Thanh Lâm:

Second Prize at Regional Chemistry Contest in Grade 10

Silver Medalat International Junior Science Olympiad IJSO in Grade 10

First Prize at Regional Chemistry Contest in Grade 11

Second Prize at National Chemistry Contest in Grade 11

First Prize at National Chemistry Contest in Grade 12

Gold Medal at International Chemistry Olympiad IChO in Grade 12

Let's look at some words he shared with Ams Wide Web about IChO!


How did you feel upon receiving the Gold Medal at IChO? Were you surprised at the result?

I burst out with emotions when I didn't hear my name among those of silver medal winners. I was extremely surprised because I made undesirable mistakesf, so the chances of winning the gold medal were quite slim. I felt satisfied as my efforts paid off.


What led you to the international competition? What was your greatest motivation during the preparation and the contest?

Is it okay if I mention 2 main sources of motivation? (laugh) Firstly, I was urged by my own passion. It created a comfortable study environment with chances to do what I love to do and to experiment with useful things in life. The second motivation was the warm support and encouragement that my teachers and friends had given me throughout the course of my preparation.


Thanh Lam with his Gold Medal at IChO 2017 

During the preparation, what was your most memorable event?

Maybe the whole preparation was memorable itself because I got an experience of living far from home. Nearly three months of living at Section A at my school has helped me gain a sense of living independently, which would be of essence when I go abroad for college.


Did you encounter any difficulties during the preparation and the contest? What action did you take to soldier on?

Before the contest, the whole team was always working really hard, so sometimes I was under pressure of catching up. However, I maintained a firm belief in my own learning strategy: study what I like when I feel most comfortable with it.


Did the trip abroad pose any challenges? What did you learn from it?

This year, the olympiad took place in Thailand ( which is in the same time zone as Vietnam), so I had no difficulty with my daily routine. The hotel service was satisfying, so the whole trip went pretty smooth. In Thailand, I got to see magnificent sights and learn more about its customs as well as its wonderful culinary culture. It was also a great chance to socialize with global friends and study the educational system of developed countries.


The School Board, head teacher and friends warmly greeted Lam at the air port


Who do wish to send your dearest thanks to for your success?

First of all, thanks to 4 leading teachers of the team, who had work tirelessly and passionately to keep both our knowledge and our mental health at their finest stage. Secondly, thanks to my head teacher for laying the academic foundation and inspiring me profoundly in Chemistry. And my family provided me with the greatest support, as they were willing to share the problems with me and give me useful pieces of advice.


A lot of people, especially 9th and 10th graders at school, are looking up to you. Are there any words you wish to give them?

Is it okay if I don't give any specific advice? (laugh) Just be yourself and make maximum efforts!


Thanks for your candid sharing today. We sincerly hope that your achievements and 12 school years will become the springboard for you to achieve greater future goals.On behalf of  Ams Wide Web, I wish you lots of success!



Reporter: Nguyen Phuong - Literature Class 1619

Translator:Tran Ngoc Diem Huyen - English Class 1518