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Meet Vu Quoc Dang – Russian class ambassador with a passion for music

Post by: trangtrang | 03/10/2018 | 245 reads

Academic accolades:

First prize in the city’s 9th grade Japanese language competition.

Extracurricular activities:

- 2015 TOYOTA scholarship for Vietnamese youths gifted in music.

- Member of Hanoi’s orchestra.

- Student at National Musical Institute of Vietnam.

- Musician at GALA HAT 2017.

- Winner of Ams Got Talent 2017 with the group DBC

- Vice president of Glee Ams 2017-2018

- Runner-up at Ams Got Talent 2018

Q: How do you feel when you are one of the ten most brilliant individuals of Ams Ambassador ?

I’m very honored to be one of the ten most brilliant individuals of Ams Ambassador. Moreover, I’m pretty nervous because I know I’m not perfect.

Quốc Đăng in the Ambassador photo collection

Q: What have you prepared for the competition, especially the Finals?

Before getting to the Finals, 10 Ambassadors had to undergo 3 extremely competitive rounds including: Forms round, Interview round and the Talent round. I personally have made great efforts to balance between school works and musical training. I feel very glad to have received a lot of support in the recent Talent round. As for the Finals, 10 Ambassadors had to practice catwalking together to have a wonderful traditional costumes and ball outfit showcase.

Q: Being known as the violinist, what gave you such a strong passion for music?

As a child, I was taken to classical concerts by my parents. Since then, I have dreamt of being a musician and standing on stages one day. Furthermore, what can be better than conveying emotions and inspirations across the audiences through musical notes. Music is the language which connect us together

Quốc Đăng has been close to the violin ever since he was a child

Q: In your opinion, what is your most unique characteristic, your own “colour”?

I think maybe music or my violin is my own “colour”.

Quốc Đăng on stage of Ams Got Talent 9 receiving the first place prize with DBC

Quốc Đăng (right) on stage of Ams Got Talent X and winning runner-up prize

Q: What do you feel about your “opponents”?

As far as I’m concerned, all the Ambassadors are all exceptionally academically gifted, along with partaking in many extra-curricular activities, all excellent students of Hanoi - Amsterdam highschool. I would prefer not to use the term “opponent” here, because all the other 9 Ambassadors are very friendly and we all get along well with each other. We have a fun time practicing catwalking with lots of laughter. Although we have only met for a couple of days but I feel very close to and comfortable with these wonderful individuals.

Quốc Đăng in the AA Talent round with his acting partner

Q: Do you want to share anything with all the Amsers?

As a senior in Hanoi - Amsterdam highschool, I would like to thanks Ams for giving me a memorable highschool life - a youth filled with joy. A couple words to Amsers: cherish every moment as a student, because that is the most beautiful time of your life and take part in many activities so you won’t regret it looking back.

Much thanks to Vu Quoc Dang, Top 10 Ams Ambassador for sharing his thoughts. We hope that Quoc Dang will shine in NHAT Finals with his passion and musical Talent. On behalf of the reporters of Ams Wide Web, we wish the best of luck to Quoc Dang.

Reporter: Nguyên Phương - Literature 1619

Photos: Collected

Translated by Nguyễn Tùng Bách - English 1 1821