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Meet Ams Ambassador Vu Nam Trang Linh on Vietnamese Women’s Day

Post by: trangtrang | 19/10/2018 | 277 reads


As a female student with plentiful academic and extracurricular achievements, in addition to being the Ams Ambassador 2018, Trang Linh shared some of her thoughts on the day of 20/10 with Ams Wide Web reporter.


Reporter: Hello Trang Linh, firstly we’d like to thank you for allowing us to conduct this interview today. Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Trang Linh (TL): Hello everyone, I am Vụ Nam Trang Linh, currently a student of 11 Math 1. My friends call me by the nickname “Linh Bông”. It was such an honor for me to be crowned Ams Ambassador in the grand finale night of NHAT18.

Reporter: To start our interview, can you share your viewpoint on Vietnamese Women’s Day?

TL: Since I’m still a girl in her early life, Mom and Grandmother are those who spring up in my mind immediately upon thinking about 20/10. My admiration I have for other women proliferates as I grow older, as they are both amazing wives and mothers. Women have made a lot of sacrifices in exchange for the happiness and well-being of their beloved. Their love and tolerance can be compared with the wide ocean only.

Trang Linh with her mother


Reporter: The Mathematics major is known for being predominantly filled with boys. As a female student majoring in this subject, how do you feel?

TL: This kind of feeling is not uncommon among students. In fact, sometimes I even felt disheartened for being considered. Personally I feel that I actually have acquired some “boyish” traits as I study in a Mathematics-oriented class, but such characteristics have proven to be desirable ones, such as tenacity, decisiveness and independence. A Mathematics major may be devoid of romance, but instead he is often endowed with a great sense of humor and genuine. Such attractive traits are distinctive among Mathematics majors.


Active Trang Linh in real life


Reporter: On this special day, can you share some of your thoughts on the female students and teachers of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted?

TL: In my viewpoint, not only female pupils and teachers in Ams but every single person of the so-called “weak” gender are admirable due to their amazing characters. They are like flowers - sweet, elegant and delicate but also has thorns with which they can be independent and protect themselves against those with a desire to hurt them. The female of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for  the Gifted are endowed with their ability to work and study efficiently, along with their capability of relaxing after strenuous lessons or work hours. They can transform themselves from vivacious students or dedicated teachers into actors and singers performing to their fullest potential in the spotlight of the stage.


Being crowned Ams Ambassador is also an immense responsibility


Reporter: Trang Linh, this year you have been crowned the title “Ams Ambassador”. What image of a female student of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted do you want to project to the society?

TL: I think that being “a female student of Ams” has now become an amazing trademark. Everyone not only stands out with their beautiful and cute image, but also thanks to their admirable academic achievements and extracurricular activities. All female students of Ams shine in their unique light. As an Ams Ambassador, I will continue to refine my skills and complete myself even more fully in order to be worthy of the representative of a remarkably beautiful and talented female student of Ams.


Trang Linh - a graceful student


Reporter: Finally, can you send some wishes to the female readers of our website on Vietnamese Women’s Day?

TL: I want to wish all female teachers and students a great 20/10. I hope that everyone will always remain cheerful, confident, beautiful and be able to reach their ambitions and goals in the future.

Reporter: Once again, thank you Trang Linh for your kind wishes. On behalf of the editors of AWW, we hope that Linh will have a great 20/10, become even more beautiful, joyful and successful academically as well as in your life.


Ams Wide Web would like to wish every female student and teacher of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted a happy, as well as our female readers a great Vietnamese Women’s Day, along with health, happiness and success in your lives!

Reporter: Ha Mi – CE 1619
Translator: Doan The Vinh - English 1 1821