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Math Open Day 2018: an interesting experience

Post by: trangtrang | 08/11/2018 | 305 reads


On November 4 2018, Math Open Day 2018 with the theme “Math solves the chaotic world” was held at Hanoi Amsterdam High School with activities regarding expertise and practical experience. Math Open Day 2018 has attracted the attention of many students and children.

With a series of lectures on the topic of “Math is not unapproachable”, Math Open Day is an invaluable opportunity for students and math lovers to broaden their knowledge. The lecture welcomes the participation of eminent scientists such as PhD.Dr.  Phan Duong Hieu with the lecture “Information security in digital age”, PhD. Dr. Ho Tu Bao with the lecture “What Al is for Vietnam”, PhD. Dr. Dinh Van Trung with the lecture “ Astrophysics - from supermassive black holes to the formation of the planetary system”.

In addition,a talk named “Vietnam: from AK to AI” was hosted at Math Open Day 2018 with the participation of managing scientists such as Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Bui The Duy. Math Open Day 2018 also included the awarding ceremony for mathematical works and scholarships for students with recognized works and outstanding academic achievements.

Especially, Math Open Day hosted a series of different activities such as “Touch Math with Amsers”(Hanoi Amsterdam High School), with the participation of many clubs, including Society of Open Science and Green Ams Robotics Team, Mathemagics (School of Science Education - Hanoi National University),...

A corner of Math Open Day 2018

When participating in these activities, people have a chance to interact with materials; construct models; assemble robots; solve math challenges and scientific puzzles; understand the way inertia, Pythagoras theorem, and solar battery work;...  Besides, Math Open Day 2018 involves the participation of international students who introduced many new games such as Kalaha, Reverse, Ludo,...drawing the attention of many children.

A student immersed in wood piecing

Math is not distant, purely theoretical, or impractical. Instead, it is very close to us. It is hoped that through Math Open Day 2018, students, teachers, and parents have had a chance to enjoy the beauty of Math and gain first-hand experience with it so that they will grow to love this subject more.

Interviewer: Luong Nguyet Khanh - France 1821

Photo: Chu Minh Nga - Chemistry 2 1720

Translator: Nguyen Ngoc Tram Anh - English 1 1720