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Hanoi Open Mathematics Competion (HOMC) 2018’s Cultural Exchange Gala

Post by: trangtrang | 01/04/2018 | 704 reads

At 14:30 on Thursday, March 29, at The Olympia Schools, a special cultural exchange gala took place, where friendship, love for mathematics and solidarity among 75 participants from 9 countries came together as one.

The gala allowed all international students to showcase their talents in many fields: playing instruments, singng, dancing, martial arts, etc.

At the beginning of the event, there were exciting and special performances thoroughly prepared by students of The Olympia Schools

The dazzling dance performance of The Olympia Schools’ students received much applause from viewers

Following up was a presentation about the signature beauty of Poland through pictures and music. The auditorium was silent as a piece of music  by the famous Polish pianist and composer Frederic Chopin was performed on the piano by the students representing the Polish team.

The next performance was Pencak silat perfectlu performed by the Indonesian team. An interesting surprise for the audience was that the students only rehearsed this performance of martial arts for 2 weeks before flying to Vietnam.

With the traditional costumes of the 11 ethnic groups, the song of the Malaysian team showed the charm of the beautiful country with a multi-ethnic culture.

Myanmar New Year's water splashing festival comes from the desire to preserve the peace of all things in the world and to pray for the blessings from the gods. With traditional sing-and-dance performances, students from the Myanmar team told an interesting story about the origins of the water festival.

The 8th performance was a dance that portrayed the beauty of the Philippines with its long coastlines, paradise-like scenery, and a unique, diverse culture.

Muay Thai is considered to be the official national sport of Thailand. The students from the Thai team had re-enacted the sacred monk ceremony and the impressive, breath-taking martial arts face-off.

The song from the Chinese students was not just sweet melodies, but also conveyed the hidden, meaningful messages of traditional values.

The cultural exchange gala of Hanoi Open Mathematics Competion (HOMC) 2018 ended with a song that expressed hope and love for a bright and prosperous Vietnam by the Vietnamese students.

“Oh Vietnam… Beloved Vietnam… We proudly sing the name of Vietnam!”

With the flashmob performance to the song “Oh Vietnam”, the teachers and students of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School left a great impression of a beautiful, powerful Vietnam with a rich culture among international friends.

Board of Editor

Photos: Board of Editors, Education and Time Magazine

Translated by Tran Nguyen Hong Minh - English Class 1720