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Hanoi - Amsterdam High school for the Gifted’s Communist Youth Union Congress 2019-2020

Post by: trangtrang | 01/11/2019 | 3535 reads

After a series of successful Communist Youth Union Congresses at the high school classes’ Communist Youth Unions, on 14h00 October 9th 2019, Hanoi - Amsterdam High school for the Gifted’s Communist Youth Union Congress has been ceremoniously held at Auditorium 200 in the presence of representatives and union members.

The congress opened with performances from the clubs HAT, Glee Ams and Cheer Ams:

To manage the procedures of the congress, the congress elected the Presidium and the Secretariat. Through the last internal meeting with the representatives on October 3rd 2019 and the congress’ votes, Mr Truong Nam Phuong - Secretary of the school’s Union in the 2018-2019 tenure, Ms Nguyen Hanh Nguyen and Mr Ngo Huy Phong - Deputy Secretaries of the school’s Union in the 2018-2019 tenure have been elected as the Presidium; Ms Nguyen Hong Hanh, Mr Pham Hua Quang Anh - members of the Union in the 2018-2019 tenure have been elected as the Secretariat.

The Presidium and the Secretariat of the Congress

At the Congress, Ms Nguyen Hanh Nguyen - Deputy Secretary of the school’s Union in the 2018-2019 tenure, on behalf of the school union’s Executive Committee, read the summary report about the union’s activities in the 2018-2019 tenure. In the last year, the Executive Committee has organized many educational activities to help raise awareness about morals, lifestyles, social and cultural activities, arts and sports. The orientational and politically educational activities for Union members in school have been carried out with a variety of diverse methods, helping to bring the Party’s initiatives, the government’s policies and laws closer to the members, improving the members’ knowledge of the revolutionary ideology, patriotism, country pride, appropriate perceptions and lifestyles, compatible with social standards and contemporary demands. Additionally, provided with care and guidance from the school board, the school’s Union has organized annual events such as: Ngay Hoi Anh Tai, Orientation Day, Ams’ Got Talent, English Performance, Francomedies,... with success, managed and maintained the efficiency of almost 40 clubs in the school. Also, last year saw the members actively participating in province-level, national-level and international-level competitions, bringing home lots of encouraging prizes.

The goals brought forward during the Congress gained unanimity 

Based on the achieved goals and the shortcomings that needed fixing, the Executive Committee laid out the directions for the new tenure, including emphasis on increasing educational activities under the development, maintenance, organization of the Committee, creating an active, comfortable academic environment so that the members can gain knowledge and effectively utilize their abilities on the grounds of keeping the Amser courage and spirit. Besides, there would be more competitions to create opportunities for students to contest, affirm and display their intelligence and talents. There will also be activities to capture the members’ mentality and ideologies.

Next, two full discourses about education and extracurricular activities helped adding to the discussions at the Congress.

Nguyen Hong Hanh - Member of the school union’s Executive Committee presents her discourse about studying

Trinh Lan Phuong - Member of the school union’s Executive Committee presents her discourse about extracurricular activities

In her speech, Mrs Le Thi Thu Trang - Member of the city union’s Executive Committee, Secretary of the Cau Giay district’s union praised the achievements of the Union movement. She encouraged and assigned jobs for Union members and expressed her hope that the school union’s Committee would encourage and pass on the fire to other students in order to best utilize their abilities, along with flexibility and changes in the way the Congress is organized in the next tenure.

Mrs Le Thi Thu Trang - Secretary of Cau Giay district’s union

Electing the Executive Committee of the tenure 2019-2020 was the main purpose of this congress. Based on the purposes and missions of the Ho Chi Minh’s Communist Youth Union, the guidance of the teachers in the school board of Hanoi-Amsterdam High school for the Gifted in the 2019-2020 tenure and the working experience of the Committee in the 2018-2019 tenure, the congress would pick out 13 ideal members with excellent academic performance, the abilities and responsibility to complete the Union’s work, maintain, build a strong and constantly improving Union. Through a voting procedure with ballots and based on the results, 1 Secretary, 2 Deputy Secretaries and 10 Members have become the new Executive Committee of the school’s Union in the 2019-2020 tenure, consisting of 13 members:

Phan Hong Anh: Secretary

Nguyen Van Dinh: Deputy Secretary

Nguyen Tien Dung: Deputy Secretary

Nguyen Linh Dan: Member

Luong Ngoc Diep: Member

Vu Trong Duc: Member

Le Phan Thuy Duong: Member

Phung Le Huy: Member

Nguyen Tran Bao Khanh: Member

Nguyen Phuong Ly: Member

Luong Thi Xuan Mai: Member

Phan Yen Nhi: Member

Le Khanh Phuong Nguyen: Member

The school union’s Executive Committee in the 2019-2020 tenure

The school’s Communist Youth Union Congress has been held successfully, electing a new Executive Committee along with laying down the working direction for the next tenure. On behalf of the Ams Wide Web editors, we wish the school union’s 2019-2020 Executive Committee a tenure full of success!


Reporter: Ngo Vu Hoai Thanh - French 2 1720

Translator: Dinh Thu Ngan - English 1922

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