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Post by: trangtrang | 03/12/2020 | 236 reads

According to rules and guidance on how to practice rules of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, approved by Cau Giay district, Communist Party - school’s board; today, 02/12/2020, following a series of successful Communist Youth Union Congress of highschool’s classes, Hanoi - Amsterdam Highschool for the Gifted were ceremoniously holding the Congress of 2020-2021 in order to find out outstanding individuals, who will be the core of the Union this year.


The Congress started with a performance from two arts clubs of the school: Glee Ams and Cheer Ams.

Glee Ams with the performance “Flashlight”

The Congress saluting to the nation’s flag

To manage the procedures of the Congress, the Congress elected the Presidium and the Secretariat. The last internal meeting with representatives of the school on 25/11/2020 had agreed on the number and members would be needed, introducing the members of Presidium and Secretariat operating the Congress. The Presidium included: Ms Phan Hong Anh - Secretary of the school’s Union in the 2019-2020 tenure, Mr Nguyen Tien Dung - Vice Secretary of the school’s Union 2019-2020, Mr Phung Le Huy - member of the school’s Union 2019-2020; the Secretariat included: Ms Nguyen Tran Bao Khanh and Ms Luong Thi Xuan Mai - members of the school’s Union, with 100% approval from the Congress.

The Presidium got into place to operate the Congress


After the opening ceremony, having introduced the members and approved the Working Procedure; Ms Phan Hong Anh, on behalf of the Presidium, read the summary report on the Congress’s current condition and the faults of the Union. During the Congress, members had reported the activities in the 2019-2020 tenure through a video. In the past year, the Communist Youth Union had organised many educational activities to raise awareness about morals, lifestyles, social and cultural activities, arts and sports. The orientational and politically educational activities for Union members in school have been carried out with a variety of diverse methods, helping to bring the Party’s initiatives, the government’s policies and laws closer to the members, improving the members’ knowledge of the revolutionary ideology, patriotism, country pride, appropriate perceptions and lifestyles, compatible with social standards and contemporary demands.

In addition, provided with care and guidance from the school board, the school’s Union had organised annual events such as: Ngay Hoi Anh Tai, Orientation Day, Ams’ Got Talent, English Performance, Francomedies,... with success, managed and maintained the efficiency of almost 40 clubs in the school. Also, last year saw the members actively participating in province-level, national-level and international-level competitions, bringing home lots of encouraging prizes.

Based on the report in the Congress, in order to focus the Congress’s minds and feelings, evaluate real-life problems, discuss about goals and requirements of the Communist Youth Union’s activities in the new tenure; so that the Union could be a thoughtful friend who fulfills the members’ longings in present time, the Congress had continued to discuss and suggest ideas for the Presidium’s report.


Le Khanh Phuong Uyen - Member of the school union’s Executive Committee 19-20 presents her discourse about studying

Nguyen Linh Dan  - Member of the school union’s Executive Committee 19-20  presents her discourse about extracurricular activities


After hearing the suggestions of the representative of Cau Giay district, the Congress officially came to the main purpose of the Congress: Electing the Executive Committee of the tenure 2020-2021. Based on the purposes and missions of the Ho Chi Minh’s Communist Youth Union, the guidance of the teachers in the school board of Hanoi-Amsterdam High school for the Gifted in the 2019-2020 tenure and the working experience of the Committee in the 2018-2019 tenure, the congress would pick out 11 ideal members with excellent academic performance, the abilities and responsibility to complete the Union’s work, maintain, build a strong and constantly improving Union. Through a voting procedure with ballots and based on the results, 1 Secretary, 1 Deputy Secretaries, 1 Member of the Usual Department  and 8 Members have become the new Executive Committee of the school’s Union in the 2020-2021 tenure, consisting of 11 members:

  1. Phan Hong Anh: Secretary

  2. Nguyen Van Dinh: Deputy Secretary

  3. Do Nguyen Quynh Mai: Deputy Secretary

  4. Nguyen Ngoc Duy: Member

  5. Tran Thuy Dung: Member

  6. Phan Thanh Hang: Member

  7. Nguyen The Viet: Member

  8. Khuong Bao Khanh: Member

  9. Le Thuy Linh: Member

  10. Tran Khanh Linh: Member

  11. Nguyen Hieu Minh: Member


The school’s Executive Committee in the tenure of 2020-2021

Afterwards, the Congress continued to reward individuals and groups that had outstanding achievements in the Communist Youth Union’s activities.

The representative of outstanding individuals in terms of the Union’s activities


The school’s Communist Youth Union Congress at 14h00 on 02/12/2020 had been held successfully, having elected a new Executive Committee along with laying down the working direction for the next tenure. On behalf of the Ams Wide Web editors, we wish the school union’s 2019-2020 Executive Committee a tenure full of success!


Reporter: Mai Phuong Linh - Literature 1922

Photos: Nguyen Bao Ngoc - French 1 2023

Translator: Truong Hai Ha - English 1922