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Hanoi-Amsterdam’s journey at the group round of An ninh Thu do Cup

Post by: trangtrang | 20/11/2016 | 1035 reads

Kicked off on 11/10, three matches in the group round of Hanoi Football Club (HFC) have evoked many emotions in spectators and players. Excited, nervous and overwhelmed with joy, HFC has just begun their journey at An ninh Thu Do (ANTD) Cup this year.

First half: It is the first step that costs.

The moment the whistle was blown, our determination was shown. The game was fast-paced, technically demanding and required a high level of concentration. Game-changing situation occurred frequently right in front of both teams’ goalposts.


The battle was fierce

At the beginning of the the first half, with a long shot from their home field, players from Quang Trung Football Team successfully took opportunity of Duc Anh’s (goalkeeper) error and scored the opening goal. Having their post penetrated unexpectedly, HFC boldly attacked in relentless waves in hope of levelling the match. The first half ended with the score of 1-0 for Quang Trung team.

Quang Trung players wisely took advantage of our defensive line and opened the score

In the second half, the concerted efforts of Hanoi-Ams players have finally paid off squarely. After running the touchline, winger Khanh Hung passed the ball accurately to number 10, Minh Duc. This striker did brilliantly to receive the ball, turned and scored a goal which balanced the game.

Our inexhaustible efforts finally paid off

Within the remaining time, many opportunities had risen but unfortunately, it was a rather bad day for our shooters as they did not manage to seize any of these advantageous moments. Just like that, the match ended with a draw of 1-1.


The game came to an end with the final score of 1-1

In another match, Dong Do and Luong The Vinh also finished the match with a tie of 2-2. All 4 teams resided with 1 point after the first round.

Second half: Determination to score 3 goals

The second match of the round, which took place on October 18th, was the face-off between us and Dong Do. Although the weather condition was not in our favour, the match turned out to be extremely dramatic and intense. Various chances surfaced; however, with the unfazed concentration of the players, the first half ended goalless.


Both teams’ players were ferociously potent

In the second half, players from HFC charged in full velocity. A goal finally came our way, assisted by the ingenious change in players made by the coach. At the 40th minute, after Minh Duc skillfully led the ball into the penalty area, midfielder Le Hai Long heroically made a precise header and consequently became the score opener of the match.
Unfortunately, the goal was also responsible for Long’s injury, which resulted in his immediate replacement.


Hai Long’s goal that led to his injury

Being led by 1 goal, Dong Do attempted, in full force, to even the game. Various threatening situation occurred directly in front of Duc Anh’s goalpost; nevertheless, the impregnability of HFC’s defence served as an effective countermeasure against the opposing team’s strenuous efforts.

Many intense moments came about

The score of 1-0 remained intact until the whistle signaling the end of match was blown.

Third half: A fulfilling ending

Even when just a tie would guarantee our passing, the players and the coach’s ultimate objective was 3 point in order to be paired with more favourable opponents. Right from the very beginning, HFC’s players had had the upper hand in striking with multiple touchline runs and blockings. In the second minute, the first jeopardizing situation was reversed into a goal by Hai Long. Over the course of the remaining time of the first half, opportunities were repeatedly created but it was misfortune that had prevent us from materialize these precious chances.

Over to the second half, the rain had greatly hampered the game.


Pham Huy’s shot had not succeeded in creating another goal difference

In the 48th minute, the newly assigned striker had done fantastically to get the ball past the opposing team’s defence. However, the shot, unluckily, bounced off the goalkeeper. Not a second to waste, Hai Long seized the moment and bounced the ball again, doubling the goal difference between 2 teams.


The most outstanding player of the game

10 minutes left until the closing of the match, number 13 of Luong The Vinh
utilized the tangled situation in front of Duc Anh goalpost, sneaked the ball past and shortened the difference by 1 goal. The score then was 2-1 and remained unchanged until the end of the match. 

In the other match of C group table, Dong Do declared a shocking victory of 3-0 over Quang Trung. Then, after the final round, the names of two teams moving forward was announced. HN-Ams pompously led with 7 points, followed by Dong Do with 4 point. 

The first round came to an end with fascinating achievements: 3 matches, 4 goals, 7 points and the leader of the board. We hope HFC would make it further into the unforgettable An ninh Thu do championship and would neither fail your school nor your supporters’ expectations.

Reporter: Quynh Phuong – English 1 16-19

Translator: Hoang Anh Mai – English 1 16-19