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Friendly exchanges between students of Singapore School of Science and Technology and Hanoi – Amsterdam High School for the gifted.

Post by: trangtrang | 19/12/2016 | 1065 reads

On the morning of 5/11/2016, Hanoi – Amsterdam High School was honored to welcome delegations from Singapore School of Science and Technology who have come to take part in cultural and academic exchanges. The meeting took place successfully in the exciting atmosphere, demonstrating a firm friendship between younger generations from the two countries.

The meeting began with a welcome speech by Teacher Nguyen Dinh Vinh – Vice Principle of Hanoi-Amsterdam High School. He first stressed the bonding diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Singapore which has proven to be sustainable and beneficial for both countries, then emphasized the importance of science and technology in the fields of developing all nations. Vietnam is paying special attention to this field, claiming its resource from Hanoi- Amsterdam students, future owners of the country. Ending his speech, he looked forward to more cooperation between Singapore’s School of Science and Technology and Hanoi-Amsterdam High School. The firm bonding could play a fundamental role in the process of training and improving the quality of education.

Teacher Nguyen Dinh Vinh – Vice Principle of Hanoi-Amsterdam High School started the meeting between Hanoi-Amsterdam High School for the Gifted and Singapore School of Science and Technology with his welcome speech.

After the greetings of Hanoi-Amsterdam School Managing Board, the Singapore guests all had an opportunity to experience the new atmosphere by taking tours around the campus and learning a lesson in Vietnam. Overalll, the delegations have been deeply impressed by the enthusiasm and hospitality of Vietnamese people in general and Amsers in particular.

Students from Singapore introduced their school to Amsers

Amsers excited in sharing the  traditions and achievements of their school to the delegates

Students from Singapore School of Science and Technology listened attentively and showed enthusiasm towards Amsers’ introduction

After the discussion about both schools, the representative teacher from Singapore offered a souvenir gift to Teacher Nguyen Dinh Vinh to express solidarity between the two schools in particular and the two countries Vietnam and Singapore in general.

Leaving the school hall, students from Singapore are then divided into 4 groups and took turns seeing around campus under the guidance of  “tour guides” from Hanoi-Amsterdam High School. This is also a rare opportunity for students from two schools to have time to talk, share stories and make friends with each other. In addition, the delegates could have a look at the modern facilities as well as find out more about the cultural traditions of Hanoi-Amsterdam High School.

Amsers “tour guides” instructs foreign students and introduce about Hanoi-Amsterdam

4 groups of delegates continue to take part in the lessons with Amsers after visiting the school. This is the first time they have experienced Vietnameses’ ways of learning. Despite the limited time, the students from Singapore seemed extremely excited with our working and learning environment. The lesson has been fun and rewarding, resulted in the long-lasting impression on those who have participated.

Students from two schools played games together

Class 10 Literature captured the moment with students from Singapore School of Science and Technology

The meeting between Hanoi-Amsterdam High School for the Gifted and Singapore School of Science and Technology ended in bittersweet parting moment of the students. Hopefully the meeting would be an important prerequisite in promoting the friendly relations between the two schools particularly and Vietnam and Singapore generally, thus contribute to the general development of the countries. And for those of you from afar, goodbye for now and see you again in the near future!

Reporter: Tra My – Literature 1619

(Photo credit: Vu Ngoc – Literature 1619)

Translator: Chau Anh – English 2 15-18