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[CELEBRATING 8/3 2022] Happy International Women’s Day with Amser Huynh Thanh Van (Biology 2023)

Post by: trangtrang | 08/03/2022 | 345 reads

International Women's Day (March 8th) has always been an occasion to honor and pay homage to our beloved women. These mothers, sisters, teachers... are unfailingly diligent in their work and wordlessly self-sacrificing for the fruits of life. Eager to welcome Women’s Day, Ams Wide Web has talked with Huynh Thanh Van—a student of class 11 Biology (of the 20-23 student group) about her thoughts on this holiday.


Reporter (R): As International Women's Day is approaching, what are you feeling?

Thanh Van: I’m exhilarated because this is the day when people can express their love and gratitude to our mothers as well as other indispensable women in our lives.

Thanh Van is currently the Head of Content at Ams Advisor Club

R: During your time under the roof of Hanoi - Amsterdam, do you have any memorable memories of this holiday?

Thanh Van: Last year, I received two surprises on this same day. The first party was organized by my class and the second by my club. It was also my first time attending a March 8th party and receiving gifts, cakes, cards, candy, scrunchies, and it was so much fun! Next, my friends treated everyone to a meal at the school’s canteen, and then went to the Old town. Last year’s March the 8th was epic! After that day, I cherished my class and my club so much more. *laugh*

The idiosyncratic Huynh Thanh Van

R: What do you like most about this special holiday?

Thanh Van: What I like the best on this special day is that I can express my great love for my mother. I think, like many other friends of my age, I am quite shy to show my feelings to others, especially towards my mother for fear of being judged. But Women’s Day is a great opportunity for me and everyone else to say “I love you” to their mothers more easily.

R: Having studied at Ams for nearly 6 years, what do you think about the vibe of International Women’s Day in Ams and did your class commemorate March 8th every year?

Thanh Van: I observe that over the years, this holiday has become more and more eminent, as the boys grow more mature. When I was in middle school, it was mainly parents who gave gifts to girls, but in high school, the parties were personally organized with presents prepared by male friends. That makes the gift much more meaningful.

Thanh Van has shared her most sincere experiences

R: On the occasion of the approaching March 8th, is there anything you would like to say to our dear women?

Thanh Van: I wish every woman will always be independent, confident and live their dreams to the fullest!

On behalf of the Ams Wide Web Editorial Board, we would like to wish Thanh Van as well as all women a profound and joyous holiday with loved ones!

Reporter: Tran Ngoc Ha - Russia 2023

Photo: Huynh Thanh Van

Translator: Tran Linh Ngan - Eng 2124