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Awarding excellent individuals who have won the First prize at Intel ViSEF and city’s excellent student contest for Secondary schoolers in 2019 - 2020

Post by: trangtrang | 06/07/2020 | 327 reads

In the morning of July 6th, 2020, in the solemn atmosphere of the assembly, the awarding ceremony for individuals with outstanding achievements at Intel ViSEF and Hanoi’s excellent student contest for secondary students took place. This is great joy for teachers and students at Hanoi Amsterdam High school for the Gifted.

Honored Teacher Bui Van Phuc, the school’s Vice Principal awarding students who have won the First prize at ViSEF 2019

At Intel ViSEF, Hanoi Amsterdam High school for the Gifted’s team have successfully won First prizes. 2 students who have brought these honourable achievements are Dinh Lan Chi from class 11 Chemistry 1 and Hoang Duc Minh from class 11 Physics 1. To achieve this spectacular success, the students were supported and guided by passionate teachers: the one who was in charge of the team - teacher Nguyen Thuy Linh and the instructor - teacher Le Manh Cuong.

Teacher Ho Quoc Viet and teacher Nguyen Dinh Vinh, the school’s Vice Principal awarding students who have won First prizes in the city’s excellent student contest

Continuing the joyful news of the High schoolers are the impressive achievements from Middle schoolers in Hanoi’s excellent student contest. Hanoi Amsterdam High school for the Gifted’s team have proudly won 21 First prizes.

Under the guide of teacher Cao Van Dung, Mathematics team have won 5 First prizes, which belong to 5 students: Nguyen Hoang Dam Thuyen class 9A, Tran Binh Minh class 9A, Tran Viet Bach class 9A, Van Trong Khoi class 9A and Chu Nguyen Duc Dung class 9B.

2 students Phung Tran Thu An class 9A and Dinh Pham Nguyen Hang class 9A from teacher Luong Thi Thuy’s Physics team have also excellently brought back 2 First prizes.

Teacher Nguyen Thi Van Anh’s Chemistry team have brought back 3 First prizes, belonging to 3 students: Nguyen Trong Tan class 9A, Tran Vu My Hanh class 9A, La Chau Giang class 9A.

In the Information Technology field, 2 students Ngo Nhat Quang class 9C and Pham Ngoc Trung class 8A have won First prizes under the guide of teacher Nguyen Thi Anh Nguyet

Student Phan Ha Khue and teacher in charge of the Literature’s team - Nguyen Thanh Binh have brought back the school 1 First prize.

Regarding Science subjects, teacher Pham Vu Bich Hang has successfully led the team to win 4 First prizes. Students who have won the prizes are: Nguyen Huong Giang class 9C, Vu Ngo Hoang Duong class 9C, Hoang Phong 9C, and La Chau Giang class 8A.

Ams Wide Web would like to sincerely congratulate teachers and students from the teams that have gained outstanding achievements in the past contests. We hope that these achievements will become strong sources of motivation, encouraging desires and passion for studying so that teachers and students at Hanoi Amsterdam High school for the Gifted can continue achieving many other accomplishments in the next competitions!

Reporter: Hoang Van Anh - Literature 1922

Photos: Nguyen Thanh Tra - English-Russian 1922