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The 7th season of French Class's Francomédies - Journey to find the true princess

Post by: trangtrang | 07/04/2018 | 782 reads

In celebration of the International Francophonie Day, on 4/5/18 at 4 p.m. in 700 Hall, the French class students of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School showcased "Francomédies saison 7" (Francomédies season 7).

"Francomédies" is an annual comedy performance of the specialised French class at Hanoi – Amsterdam High School. This year, Amsers of French class brought a breath of fresh air: A play inspired by the classic story "Princess and the Bean," a fairy tale by Andersen.

The play “Princess and the Bean” was reenacted in a fun and interesting way.

Coming to the program that day, the French students of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School were delighted to welcome Mr. Nguyen Dinh Vinh, vice principal of the school, Pierre-Yves Turellier - Commissioner of cooperation and education, the French Embassy in Hanoi; Mr. Etienne Berteas, Official in charge of cooperation and education, the French Embassy in Hanoi; Ms. Dinh Thi Nga, the representative of the Wallonie-Bruxelles delegation, the Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium in Vietnam. The Amsers of French class also warmly welcomed teacher Vu Viet Hoa, the former head French teacher who founded the project with the aim of teaching French through theatre art and nurtured "Francomédies" from season 1; along with teachers, parents and students from primary and secondary schools throughout the city.

Prizes were also rewarded to students who have scored high in the Regional and National Students' Competition. This year, Amsers of class 15-18 and 16-19 have made us extremely proud with 6 national and 29 regional prizes.

High-achieving students of the Regional and National Students' Competition

The play "La princesse au petit pois" ("The Princess and the Pea") tells the story of a quest to find the true princess of a prince living in a blissful kingdom. Away from his family, from the King and Queen, the prince, from a foolish, innocent young man, had opened his eyes to the outside world. It really was not as beautiful as he thought. But thanks to the trip, the prince finally understood what the real princess he was looking for needed to have.

The French Embassy handing little gifts to the “actors” of French class

The play was carefully prepared and arranged thanks to the help of two French teachers, Quentin Delorme and Etienne Rousseaux. The French class students have been practicing hard since October 2017 to give the audience a fun performance, full of laughter. The goal of the French drama theater club is to help students gain confidence in their speaking abilities; they practice teamwork skills and use the strength of each individual to create the best product. In addition, the club's activities are also aimed at strengthening the close relationship between the French classes of the school.

Members of the French theatre club

"Francomédies" season 7 took place in a fun atmosphere and ended spectacularly. On behalf of the members of Ams Wide Web Club, I sincerly wish even more success to the following seasons of "Francomédies"

Reporters: Tran Ha Phuong – French 2 1720

Ngo Vu Hoai Thanh – French 2 1720

Translator: Vi Giang – Chinese 1720