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“Thơ gọi thơ” - Echoes from the past

Post by: trangtrang | 01/12/2020 | 83 reads

“Literature encompasses Anthropology.” - Literature has long been a strong catalyst for the formative periods as well as the overall development of human beings. As regards this profound merit, a group of Amsers (HAO) joined force with 2 clubs: The Bookler and Ams Writers’ Guild in order to organize a poetry fair on November 28, at Hall 200 in celebration of the 35th year since Hanoi - Amsterdam High School was founded. This is where lovers of Arts & Humanities gather to participate in meaningful activities.

The event was held with strong attendance from numerous students and teachers from Hanoi - Amsterdam High School.

The event is titled “Thơ gọi thơ”

The poetry fair saw the participation of many had-been teachers

Calligraphing - an activity in which people receive letterings in the hope that their prayers will eventually be answered


The event commenced at 15 o’clock noon, with a poem reciting performance from club members of Ams Writers’ Guild. Though short in length, these poems sure all managed to connect with the audience to some extent, leaving an ineradicable impression on them that would not soon fade. It certainly appears that no one would have thought the creative talents coming from young schoolers was able to convey deep emotions to hearers so masterfully.

The poems were profoundly heartfelt

Numerous acts portraying a variety of folklore from Cầm Ca Club ensues. The harmonic, fluty tones created by the strings of zithers carry an antique sensation, seemingly guiding the audience to the days filled with ardor sentiments of nostalgia.

The performance by Cầm Ca Club


Notably, the exchanges between teachers and student members from The Bookler and AWG drew a great deal of attention from everyone in Hall 200 as well.

The atmosphere was made delightful with humourous exchanges


Finally, the poetic bandying between former Hanoi-Amsterdam High School teachers and Amsers concludes the event.

“What did Amsers usually read way back when?” was the topic of the noon’s exchange

The seminar attracted the whole hall’s attention

The anecdotes told by teachers were filled with nostalgia


So that marked the end of “Thơ gọi thơ” - an all-round successful event! We would like to extend our sincerest thank-you to the School Managing Board and the School Committee for giving us a chance to pay our gratitude to our teachers - people who have been and still are striving for the steady development of Ams throughout the past 35 years. We shall do our best, for although we expect a bumpy road ahead of us in our journey to achieving wisdom, our efforts will be the determining factor of whether we’ll get far in life and whether our teachers will be proud of their dear students or not.


Reporter: Tran Ngoc Minh - Chinese 1922

Photographer: Nguyễn Thanh Trà - Russian 1922

Translator: Nguyen Duy Nhat Huy - English 2023