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Grand Opening of "Hanoi-Amsterdam Hall of Fame"

Đưa lên bởi: trangtrang | 21/11/2017 | 819 lượt xem

Opening of "Hanoi-Amsterdam Traditional Space"

The "Hanoi-Amsterdam Traditional Space" is based on the unique idea of ​​technology and materials by French consultant Varonique Dollfus.

On Vietnam Teachers' Day (20th November), Hanoi-Amsterdam High School organized the opening ceremony of "Hanoi – Amsterdam Traditional Space".

On this special occasion, the school was honored to welcome Prof. Dr. Vuong Dinh Hue - Deputy Prime Minister, Dr. Nguyen Duc Chung - Chairman of Hanoi People's Committee, Ms. Nguyen Thanh Hai - Head of National Petition, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Trieu - Head of Health Protection Department, Former Head of Health Ministry, Former Chairman of Hanoi People's Committee; NGUT Nguyen Huu Do - Vice Minister of Education and Training Ministry, Dr. Chu Xuan Dung - Director of Hanoi Education and Training Department, Deputies, Guest from People's Committee, People's Council, Hanoi People's Council, Ministry of Education and Training, Vietnam Women's Museum, representatives of Ba Dinh, Cau Giay, Thanh Xuan district; Media, Press and leaders, staff, teachers, employees; Representatives of Parents’ Council; Representing generations of students and students of Hanoi - Amsterdam. 

Speaking at the ceremony, Le Thi Oanh, Secretary of the Party Committee of Hanoi-Amsterdam High School, said that in 1985, Hanoi - Amsterdam, the school of international solidarity, a gift from the people of Amsterdam, was born. Twenty-five years later, in 2010, the school's teachers were delighted to welcome the new modern school - the gift from the people of the Capital on the occasion of the 1000th anniversary of Thang Long - Hanoi.


Hanoi for the school. Hanoi – Amsterdam will always remember the trust of Capital citizens, the political system, organizations, agencies and unions, which has given the school confidence and hope to create a strong development." - said the head of the famous Hanoi-Amsterdam school. The Traditional space is designed on the unique technical and material ideas of French consultant Varonique Dollfus, which has been developed by the Women's Museum and the school. Combining the past with the present and the future, the traditional space is the symbol of solidarity, the consolation of intellectual contributions, the talent and effort of all generations of teachers, parents and students. Diverse forms, information, and materials are combined to illustrate the magical story. On the development of Hanoi - Amsterdam, the traditional space is an educational tool that inspires creativity, motivates generations of teachers, students to understand the responsibility of training students performing well intellectually and full of Vietnamese identity in personality. The traditional space is a testimony to the policy "Education is the top national priority" of the Hanoi government. It also shows the concern and responsibility of the Hanoi People's Committee with the talented young generation of Hanoi – Amsterdam highschool and the investment in nurturing young people for the future of the country.